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Walker Percy - The Last Self Help Book (Extract)
Thought experiment: A new cure for depression: The only cure for depression is suicide. This is not meant as a bad joke but as the serious proposal of suicide as a valid option. Unless the option is entertained seriously, its therapeutic value is lost. No threat is credible unless the threatener means it. The treatment of depression requires a reversal of...  show more
The AA2A at Chelsea has gotten off to a slow start, awaiting inductions etc. But I feel I have all I need now. The access to the library and archive, equipment and edit suite is pretty much all I need, with the addition of booking out spaces for filming and performance. Much of this will come in the new year,...  show more
Synchronised (Script)
Ignoring the lines (Screen shots)    show more
Research notes 12-18th November
I wanted some historical background around performance art, to ensure I felt comfortable in what could make my performance successful. I read through 'Performance: Live Art Since the 60's' and the use of the body, the very political, and shock factors used weren't really relevant to the wider realms of my practice. But there were a few pieces that kept...  show more
Pattern: Echopraxia and Echolalia
I have posed upon myself a ridiculous idea, that How To Get Results With People can work across all abilities and mental states. It is of course an absurd deconstruction of the purpose of Jeff Salzman's lecture. The juxtaposition of the repetitive actions of schizophrenia patients (see video below) and the instructional methods used within the lecture causes for me...  show more
Prelinger Archives - Business and Mental Health
I've got back into the Prelinger Archives - there are visuals and sound that I'd like to extract from much footage surrounding business, success, and mental health (or mental states). Below is a selection of what I have discovered so far, and I will add to it as things progress. For me I will begin to cut and group these...  show more
Self help and varying mental states
How To Get Results with People (1987) is a four hour lecture by Jeff Salzman, teaching people in businesses how to better manage their working relationships to get results, success and higher productivity. And, at the core of all these aims, money. My basis for the work How To Get Results With People - although looking at the business and...  show more
How To Get Results With People (1987) / How To Get Results With People (2012)
How to Get Results With People: How to Build Your Leadership, Power and Visibility on the Job During my residency I plan on developing a video/performance work, ‘How To Get Results With People’ based on a motivational 1980’s lecture of the same name by Jeff Salzman, founder of the company Careertrack. I often use outmoded theories, and look at how...  show more