SHAMBLES- An artist-led exhibition, RWY, Plymouth.




SHAMBLES, an artist-led exhibition highlighting the need for artists to gain space to showcase their work. Titled site-specifically we propose to use the old slaughterhouse. Shambles (a butcher's slaughterhouse) will now be taken over by a group of local artists for the local community.


This exhibition will be beneficial to all artists involved by...

  • Testing the capacity of an empty unique listed space.

  • Developing creative, curatorial and professional knowledge.

  • Expanding networks through local businesses, communities and local creatives.

  • Sharing working practices: knowledge, experience, connections and partnerships.





As artists we aim to creatively engage and develop our practices, RWY has become the ideal backdrop for creativity with many artists making work within its walls. The majority of artists exhibiting in this exhibition have either worked at or have connections within RWY for example Ocean Studios, Rockets & Rascals, Bistrot Pierre and Plymouth University. We see the Slaughterhouse as the perfect opportunity to take advantage of empty space enhancing RWY’s cultural offering and expanding the footfall over the timescale.

Precarity is everywhere, this extends across the UK, it is increasingly difficult to find the time and space to work as an emerging artist or curator, therefore this opportunity lets us test the capacity of projects within a new and unique space. The events will be organised with the consideration of the local community. We will collaborate with the community to support local cultural growth and awareness, by delivering fliers and publicising through local community groups in Stonehouse and beyond. The Private View will also act as a networking event for local creatives, businesses, and the community. We believe this exhibition will increase the footfall within RWY supporting its businesses and expanding their custom through the timescale of the show.




Joe Allen

Jamie Morrison -

Llyr Davies- http://llyrdavies.weebly.comv

Kieran Walsh-

Rhys Morgan

Jack Carberry-todd-

Andy Meredith-


Phil Magee-


Please contact for more information... We are really keen to start pop-up exhibitions in unsued spaces, if this is something you wish to help us with we are keen to widen our network of artists.