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Fiona Carruthers 2 months ago

Found this:


Artist Book definitions which extend my ideas rather than confine them:

  • is “ a sequence of spaces”, [1] ‘
  • a space-time sequence’[2] or an object containing ‘bookish’ elements such as “containment, sequence, repetition, moveable parts, and printed text and images”,[3] or,
  • a sequence of pages within a container.[4] 
  • the packaging of multiple planes held together in fixed or variable sequence by some kind of hinging mechanism, support, or container, associated with a visual/verbal content called a text
  • Use of tactile, visual and text elements to extend meaning


[1] Ulises Carrion ‘The new art of making books’ The art of the book Center for Book Arts, 1975,p.1.

[2] Ibid.

[3] Hedi Kyle Juror (ex. speech) 2010 Inventive structures: Books Beyond the Codex

[4] Sarah Bodman & Tom Snowden A Manifesto for the book Bristol: Impact Press, 2001, p.5.



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