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AA2A Environmental Summer 2023
For Instagram  'My work compels the viewer to physically slow down and invites them to experience ‘the land we stand on’ up close and in focus. It offers viewers time and space away from today’s unsustainable business as usual to encounter themselves, each other and nature together. '   From: Environmental sustainability underpins my practice and process at every level,...  show more
Artists' Books Project Research__Mar.23
Testing Ideas 2 Looking for meaning continues: I am on the lookout for threads, connections, and relationships that ‘grab me’ or show potential for representing or resonating with the overall sense of the project. I am not sure if there needs to be a sense of unity or not.  What has evolved and grown has been out of a search...  show more
Artists' Books Project Research__Feb.23
Testing Ideas 1 Finally, a space to lay out work that has been created over the past few months. It is liberating, literally: great to be able to see how images, text and objects operate in space and light. This is an ongoing process of sifting and filtering:  paying attention to, noticing emerging knowledge and understanding and searching for new...  show more
Artists' Books Project Research__Jan.23
Materials and processes research continues  Materials and processes research has continued this month with a focus on:  making and manipulating paper;  exploring methods of laying out a sequence of images/objects/text including using new-to-me software (InDesign); and, constructing images and small assemblages to test ideas.   Alongside this, artist research has also continued. Two highlights for me this month have been: ...  show more
Artists' Books Project Research__Dec.22
Materials and processes research This period of research has been very much ‘all-tabs-open’. I have been exploring the process of Lithography as a possible method of creating multiples, gaining a hands-on understanding of different types and weights of paper and developing ideas which respond to the broader interpretation of artists’ books. In parituclar: a sequence of spaces [1]  a space-time...  show more
Artists' Books Project Research__Nov.22
First thoughts and initial notes I continue thinking about the differences and similarities between the experience of encountering a large multi-disciplinary immersive installation compared to an encounter with an artist’s book. Phenomenologically, there are similarities but I wonder, would an engineered close-up with a book be experienced more 'intimately' or intensively than an experience of a spatial, multi-sensory installation?  ...  show more
Artists' Books Project Research__Oct.22
Found this: 1 Artist Book definitions which extend my ideas rather than confine them: is “ a sequence of spaces”, [1] ‘ a space-time sequence’[2] or an object containing ‘bookish’ elements such as “containment, sequence, repetition, moveable parts, and printed text and images”,[3] or, a sequence of pages within a container.[4]  the packaging of multiple planes held together in fixed...  show more