22nd March

Fiona Harvey 11 years ago

Had hoped to crack on with my workprints today but tripped myself up by bringing in the wrong negs.  However, all was not lost as I had some films to process and made some contact sheets for them.  

I also wandered over to the Solent Showcase Gallery to see what was on there: I hadn't been able to find a website for it which seemed strange.  I was in luck and found Guy Moreton from Photography putting up his work for a show opening next week, also the elusive Les Buckingham.  So have at least made contact and learned that there will be more interest in putting ideas together with a show, rather than just putting up AA2A work because it is there.  The website is being rebuilt rather slowly apparently, which is why I hadn't found it.

Getting to talk to the students a bit more, but not as much as I had hoped, partly because of the layout of the darkrooms: I had expected the outlet for the print processing machine to have desk space closer to it so that people could lay out their work as it came off the machine.  This allows for discussion with other people doing the same, but because of the group darkrooms, that doesn't happen, although presumably it will be better when the darkrooms are rebuilt over the summer.