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30th April
Looking forward to more printing this week.  The set of workprints is beginning to take shape, and I'm starting to think about what I want to say with the final edit. The project was a British Council funded exchange with the National Institute for Design in Ahmedabad for photographers.  In my proposal, I talked about wanting to make a connection between the...  show more
22nd March
Had hoped to crack on with my workprints today but tripped myself up by bringing in the wrong negs.  However, all was not lost as I had some films to process and made some contact sheets for them.   I also wandered over to the Solent Showcase Gallery to see what was on there: I hadn't been able to find...  show more
5th March
The students have started working in the darkrooms with me, makes it much more interesting.  The first years are printing up work from a project on portraiture, so hoping I get to see more of their work as the deadline gets closer. Made contact with one of the organisers at the Solent Showcase gallery and in process of fixing a...  show more
23rd Feb 2012
Beginning to feel I'm getting my feet under the table.  Spent 4 days making prints in the darkroom, and produced about 10 prints, which is a nice surprise as it can take a whole day to get one right. I'm printing work from a project I carried out in Ahmedabad, Gujarat in 2010 which has not so far been shown. ...  show more