Work in progress

Esther Khang
8 years ago

Here is an update on my time so far at Chelmsford College! The 'work in progress' album shows a few snapshots of my process so far whilst creating the first samples for a 'ceramic tile alphabet'. I have designed the font for my alphabet and enlarged it to produce the final designs for each tile. I then made relief prints, scanned and edited them. From these I produced film positives and exposed them to screen for screenprinting. I ordered special ceramic decals paper and also selection of coloured onglaze enamels powders - and mixed these with a special clear base medium. I screenprinted my designs in a selection of 4 colours, including blues and sepia tones. Meanwhile I have been testing glazes in my studio - I mixed some earthenware temp. (low firing) clear glaze with different percentages of various blue stains, carefully measured out by the gram! These are now ready for test fring my screenprinted decals - let's see how they come out!