A Forager's Manual: How to Get Lost During A Global Pandemic

Arguably humans have evolved to be more efficient, using technology and science to our own advantage, with little regard towards the world that saw us come to life. We have lost the art of being present in the moment and in harmony with our natural surroundings. It seems illogical that the more we move forward, the more we disconnect from nature, the planet and ourselves - a relationship which has always been fundamental to our very being.

'A forager's manual - How to get lost during a global pandemic' is a collaboration between artist Estelle Woolley and photographer Jaime Molina, which rekindles a fundamental relationship between ourselves and nature, from a year long reflection due to a global pandemic.


Jaime Molina is a documentary photographer based in Edinburgh. Raised on naturalist family values, his love for wilderness fuels his drive to invest everything in the expression of the natural world. In his personal work, he explores the intricate relationship between the human and natural world; a relationship that can be both volatile and beautiful. Since graduating from Falmouth University, Jaime has won several prizes and awards and has recently been published in the Guardian and the New York Times. More info: www.jmolinafotos.com

Estelle Woolley is a visual artist based in Chester, where she gained her degree and masters in Fine Art. Her practice involves spending time in nature, foraging for different materials which spark interest, and combining them in unexpected ways to create new meanings. Her recent body of work ‘Pandemic Nature Masks’ has been exhibited and published nationally and internationally including The New York Magazine, The Politiken (Denmark) and Issues in Science and Technology Journal (Arizona State University), and exhibited in New York and Miami Art Fair. She was highly commended in The Sustainability First Art Prize (London) and won the Ty Pawb Open People’s Prize (Wrexham).

More info: https://www.axisweb.org/p/estellewoolley/