Starting out

Emily Arnold 4 years ago

I have been so grateful for the opportunity to use the fully equipped workshops at Loughborough University again. I am learning a lot already; with trying to queeze in time to prep and plan as well as actually create, giving myself goals and motivation, and evaluating my ideas and outcomes.

It is very daunting at the moment, as I don't want to waste the precious time I have in the art department but as a practice-led artist, I need to start working to allow my ideas to slot into place. I have that blank page feeling when you are scared to start incase you mess it up.

Still, I have made tentative steps. I have started experimenting with layering cyanotype images with the idea of incorporating the traditional protrait image and memory objects and other things that can trigger memories.

I am interested the tactile associations we may have with a person, place or object. For example, hair has special, sensual associations with memory as do particular personal items such as the texture of clothes. I have been intrigued by the uniqueness and symbolism of a persons' hair, peoples reaction to it in different contexts, not to mention the forced intimacy of taking such a close up photo of someone. While I am also thinking about the way old photos and ruins allow our inquisitiveness and imaginations to expand on small clues to the past.

I have also just prepared a litho stone so I can add another layer to my images of memory.


My Instagram account has more images from my practice. @e.arnoldfineart