mountains and wheels

Emily Joy 7 months ago

After another intense two days working in the ceramics department the cart wheel mould is finished. gel flex mould of the cart wheel

Too heavy to carry far at the moment it will sit and dry over Christmas. Then i'm looking forward to trying out casting paperclay in it. In the meantime i am trying out some new techniques after chatting to Pete in printmaking. Sent away with a small piece of copper and a rocker, i'm halfway through preparing a mezzotint ground onto which to test drawing an imagined mountain or rock. Suitably labour intensive!


Rather than using printmaking as a way of making multiples i'm more interested in the labour involved in certain printmaking methods, especially those which echo the slow, scratchy process of drawing/drawing out the imagined mountains from a dark background with a dip pen and white ink. We also played around briefly with a large digital print to be crumpled. i will figure out some tests back in my studio into printing onto pre-crumpled paper (as a way of fragmenting an image) We talked about lithography and something clicked - what if i could print from a rough rock directly, a mountain even...

A1 crumpled and folded digital print