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'Even a Stopped Wheel' participatory piece at Loughborough University
  Last week's trip to Loughborough University was an intense affair! In just under a day and a half i had to prepare a large batch of paperclay and then use it to create 'Even a Stopped Wheel', a trial for new participatory work, whilst nipping in and out of printmaking to print my mezzotint. The participatory piece was a...  show more
tests and trials
  More mezzotint experiments, this time with a larger plate and using A4 white computer printing paper. Thinking of using the most basic and familiar sort of paper (the most democratic? The least 'fine art' related?) which gave a less clear print, however the slight buckle in the paper as it dried was what i was after - planning to...  show more
Exploring mezzotint
I came to Pete, the print tutor at Loughborough, to chat about some strange ideas i'd had regardning printing onto crumpled paper and of printing 'in the round' off carved rocks and stones. Through chatting about my pen and ink drawings, he suggested mezzotint as its laborious method echoed the gradual building up of white ink lines on black ink...  show more
First wheel rolls
During two long days at Loughborough last week i made some good progress with the paperclay wheel tests. The idea is to make a series of wheel casts which can be altered by participants to prevent the wheel from rolling. Paperclay is a material that i'm very familiar with, having taught many masterclasses over the last 10 years, however i've...  show more
mountains and wheels
After another intense two days working in the ceramics department the cart wheel mould is finished.  Too heavy to carry far at the moment it will sit and dry over Christmas. Then i'm looking forward to trying out casting paperclay in it. In the meantime i am trying out some new techniques after chatting to Pete in printmaking. Sent away...  show more
First days
It's been an interesting first few days at Loughborough; I've started working on a large mould of a cart wheel which belongs on a very old European dogcart of unknown origin. The cart itself (and its other wheels) is in my studio in Stroud, but fittingly the one wheel travelled the 4 hours by train with me to Loughborough. Going...  show more