The lie of the land

Ellie Doney 12 years ago

On being accepted on the AA2A scheme, I went down to scope out the college, meet the technicians and spend some time with Hannah, my collaborator on the project.

It was all going on that weekend! The British Art Show was in town, so there was tonnes of stuff to see over 5 art venues, plus gaming conference Extended Play, and gig/audiovisual event EatMusic, where Hannah was VJing. We went to debates seminars and workshops, and a particularly good performance/site specific event at the Duke of Cornwall, organised and curated by Platform P.

I even bumped into some artist friends who were participating in the event, Anna Francis and Glen Stoker from the excellent Airspace Gallery in Stoke-on-Trent, who we'd met this autumn for a particularly successful collaboration Stick-Up, with my shared studio Manifold in London.

Lots of interesting conversations and getting excited about things. It was particularly good to meet the people at Hannah's Transtechnology research group. Lots of common ground.

We are looking into the possibility of making some work for the Immersive Vision Theatre at the university. The IVT is a 180 degree dome with a fisheye projector in it and surround sound. It has seating for just over 40 people.