Derby Quad Fellowship Residency

Deborah Rogers
1 year ago

Myself @msdmeanar and Hazel Hutchison @imagesbyhaze_ were both awarded outstanding student fellowship at the end of our MA's in Fine Art, Film and Photography. The award was a residency at Derby Quad Digital Arts Centre where we were given support from curators as well as time in their artists studio once Quad was opened to the public again.  We chose to collaborate for some elements of the residency and went on a couple of jollys together to create work together as well as seperately in response to our lovely experience. 

Continuing my exploration of transformation and menopause, Hazel captured, with her medium format camera, me as a 'gimcrack' performing a silent ritual at speakers corner in Derby Town centre and later practicing my flight and further becomings with The Grey Ladies, a set of stones in Derbyshire. 

In the Quad artists studio I was interested in playing with the large window as a performative frame. I decided to use the time to work through my artists doubt by writing the words from my Masters final assessment onto some heavy duty canvas and turn it into a garment for me to wear. After exploring turning them into wings I finished making an oversized dress to wear in moments of doubt.