Still Becoming ...

Deborah Rogers
3 years ago

Some images of Still Becoming... my final MA module Independant Scholarship and Critical Reflection 

MsDMeanar has become dog headed. This has been my chosen identity as i continue with my becoming. Merging with my dog Percy, I am drawing on the myth of the cynocephalus, the strangers whose voice is closer to a bark, and who are consequently misunderstood and misrepresented.  Moving forward we are taking on elements of bird.

MsDMeanar is my performative character and Debbie Doodar is the name I use when fabricating items and ideas for MsDMeanar to play with. As Debbie Doodar I have reconstructed garments and made soft sculptures for MsDMeanar to use during the performative actions.

Here are some images of our installation and some images of work in progress building up to the show from 2020/21 and here is a link to see a short film with sound of the installation.