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Now Is The Right Time
So March 18th was the last session at Salford that I attended.....since then the NYC residency has been postponed and my body has been catching up with itself to recover from the build up to going as I thought I would be! Disappointed that I couldn't do the intervention I wanted to do because I wasn't leaving the UK but...  show more
On Reflection - Part 3
So after the collection of the belts came the experimentation! I had a very trusty assistant in the lovely Level 6 Visual artist Amanda Twigg who agreed to assist me in my madness. Essentially wrap me in the belts I had so cunningly procured! So we spent a morning experimenting.  I really wanted to understand the starting point of this...  show more
On Reflection - Part 2
So we're getting the hang of this process,my process. Its very often interrupted. And I often have to look back. Leapfrogging forward to last month, March when I was all started up again for the residency, what had happened between the first session (November) and beginning of March was that I was all set to be going to a residency...  show more
On Reflection - Part 1
Ok, so you got me. This is my first blog of the residency. Its been fraught with stress for me cos I'm an artist who also does freelance film work and finds it hard to shut off from that / manage time etc... so the story so far is that I started the residency, ran out of time and money...  show more