Further experiments in print and ceramics

Clare Thornton 7 years ago

I had a fun few days working in the Scott Building last week. In an attempt to be super efficient and make best use of my time, I took to screen printing one colour layer, washing the screen and popping it in the drier for 15-20 mins. I would then scoot down the corridor to Ceramics to extrude another pipe of clay, drooping it carefully over the edge of a board to create a sagging tube effect.

Note: Top tip from one of the technicians - if you want a hollow tube of clay to keep its shape as you gently manipulate it into position and not collapse during this process and as it slow dries, put a small clay bung in either end. This traps the air in, helping the tube maintain its shape.

Once that was done I'd hoof it back to the Print Room and pull another colour layer.
Then repeat - print, wash/dry screen, extrude/manipulate clay, wrap for slow drying. print, wash/dry screen, extrude/manipulate clay, wrap for slow drying

Work on slip casting and manipulating the jelly mould casts continues. I've started working with white earthenware, rather than the bone china slip. Keith Harrison one of my studio buddies at KARST has kindly given me a 10litre bucket of 'Potclays White' ceramic casting slip. It has a greater plasticity and is way more forgiving as I tease the casts into various states of collapse.

Edge of Collapse

Edge of Collapse