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Further experiments in print and ceramics
I had a fun few days working in the Scott Building last week. In an attempt to be super efficient and make best use of my time, I took to screen printing one colour layer, washing the screen and popping it in the drier for 15-20 mins. I would then scoot down the corridor to Ceramics to extrude another pipe...  show more
Experiments in the Textile & Print Studios
These screen printing and hot press tests are also at a very early stage. I’m working here with an old photograph of a reservoir near completion in Birmingham circa 1900 - a curving line/structure that ultimately will contain tonnes and tonnes of water. I'm interested here in containment, yet never far away the prospect of things and ideas teetering on...  show more
Experiments in the Ceramics Studio
I’ve just begun slip casting in bone china. These are the first casts using old jelly moulds. One has had its first firing the other slow-drying.   There are curves and pleats apparent here. If you've had a chance to check out images in my 'recent works' album you’ll have gathered by now these shapes and forms appeal.    I’m curious...  show more
Observing some Raku firing
I was in the ceramics workshop last week loading a couple more test pieces into the kiln when I was lucky enough to catch some of the 3D students unloading their first Raku firing, under the watchful goggle protected eyes of Ceramics Technician Linda Wilson and Tutor Tavs Jorgensen  show more
By way of introduction...
  I recently showed a risograph print 'After After Richard Hughes' (see below) as part of Square One exhibition at the 101 Space, Plymouth University where AA2A artists introduced themselves to students and staff. Each of this years PU AA2A'ers presented a past work to introduce their practice to folks working in the Roland Levinsky Building. Now I look forward...  show more