Cadavre Exquis - Appropriated images on found object

Christine Stones
4 years ago

Appropriation of existing pieces and their modification make my work very eclectic as I respond in different mediums to various found objects. I work primarily in the analogue, especially collage and assemblage, utilising a wide range of materials. Influenced by the surrealists and Dada my work is often conceptual and figurative.

I continue to collage the five appropriated wall hangings, inspired by the Surrealist game Exquisite Corpse, where different parts of a creature, often human, are drawn by different artists not privy to the full picture until it is complete, often giving rise to fantastical beings.

In the case of my own five part 'Cadavre Exquis' I have appropriated not only the boards but also the imagery with which I collage, taking pages from the many glossy fashion magazines I have collected. Working separately on each board, I am curious to see if they read as a whole when they are finally united. Certainly some parts are more successful than others and on-line tutorial feedback continues to enlighten me as to why this is.

I am delighted that the University's Art and Design department have selected part of the work (hands) to be used in marketing materials and that the AA2A has chosen to feature my blog with another part of the work as illustration (heads). Therefore I am keen to feature the entire work at my degree show exhibition, albeit on-line, as previous experience in marketing makes me acutely aware of the strength of branding. Hopeful that the imagery will be recognisable across a number of platforms, as well as visible in my Instagram feed, I write a detailed proposal to ensure it is represented as accurately as possible in VR, bearing in mind it will one day be seen in the physical world and that I would like it to be instantly recognisable in either.