Linderism at Kettle's Yard, Cambridge

Christine Stones
3 years ago

Linderism is a survey of the work of British artist Linder.

Born in Liverpool in 1954, Linder, who was an important figure in the Manchester punk music scene, is best known for her photomontages and her early works appeared on album covers of the Buzzcocks.

The exhibition which extended across the Kettle's Yard site was of particular interest to me as I am studying the influence of the Situationist International on British punk and British art. As part of my visit to Cambridge I also attended the two-day symposium at Murray Edwards College, Radical Materialities: Linder and Companion Histories and would direct you to my Blog post for more information on the conference. 

I was delighted to have the opportunity to talk to Linder during the event, I could not recommend the exhibition highly enough and hope that it can be reopened and extended after the current Coronavirus restrictions. In the meantime, my own photographs are here for you to enjoy.