Student Challenge

Christine Stones
3 years ago

Clare Owens AA2A Artist

I first met Clare when we had the amazing opportunity to be part of the University of Chester Art and Design Trip to New York. We ended up sitting together on the flight and, guess what, we talked and talked about art and artists and before we landed had become good friends.

Clare has enjoyed a very rewarding career in education during which she has engaged with people who have experienced difficulties in their lives, whether that be educational, social or mental ill health. Her work builds on and explores these experiences, using textiles and print to record the language of strength and vulnerabilities that resonate with her. I can almost always recognise Clare’s work because her themes of circles and layers are usually evident.

Clare is always busy developing her own practice, as well as collaborating with individuals and communities. The AA2A programme has enabled her to try out and develop new skills, with the expert support of the university technicians. Over the coming months, students will have the opportunity to display and sell their work at some of the city's artistic events and be more informed about future career possibilities.