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Climbing Mt Ishizuchi in the Autumn
I'll be travelling to Japan next week to shoot the visuals for a new installation project. The work will involve climbing Mt Ishizuchi, a holy moutain in Ehime prefecture and will be recorded in 5.7K 360 video and surround sound. For more details see  show more
An Unreliable Narrator
I have developed a new work from material produced for my recent talk to students and staff at ARU. Entitled "An Unreliable Narrator", it consists of a boxed set of index cards, each containing the description of an incident or event that has had an impact on my attitude and approach to my practice with references to ideas, artists and...  show more
Testing out the completed installation: "Impossible Object No. 4 (Flying Lampadario)"
Today I have finally completed my flying lamp project. This morning I set it up in the Project Space at my studio in Cuckoo Farm. Happy with the way it has turned out. The final element to try out was the the drone sequence projection, and after several different ideas, decided the best option was to project the images in...  show more
Preparing for my talk/presentation next week at ARU
The heavy snowfall made travelling to Cambridge (or anywhere else!) too challenging today, so I am working from home on my talk, scheduled for next week. I am planing something which is part preformance, part presentation, so the whole project requires more time and thought, as I'm not using any of my "off the shelf" powerpoint presentations... Have also put...  show more
Impossible Object No. 4 (Flying Lampadario)
Finally made some headway on my flying lampadario project- motors now mounted and working, broken glass component replaced and have also incorporated some lighting. I'm now beginning to think about how to incorpartate the drone video sequence, a task that may prove a considerable challenge!  show more
Slow progress on the "flying lampadario"
Finally heard from the company in Italy who can replace the broken component of my Murano glass lamp. I have ordered the new part, sent off the old one (so they can match it), and now await further developments. Meanwhile, my quest to get the brushless motors to work via the arduino carries on, and I have orderd yet more...  show more
problems, set-backs & challenges....
Well, things haven't gone as I had hoped with the drone project. Staff in the computing dept were unable to help with this, and somehow in the process of research, one of the components has been broken. I will have to locate a replacement part before being able to continue. And of course I still have to find a way...  show more
Potential progress with the question of powering the drone motors
I had a useful meeting on Nov 29th with Dr Shabnam Sadeghi-Esfahlani and two of her post-grad students in the Computing and Technology Department who have undertaken to help me to get the drone motors working for the flying lampadario project , and I'm hopeful they will be successful!    show more
"Flying Lampadario (Take These Broken Wings & Learn to Fly)"
Back in the UK now and beginning to work in earnest on the first of the sky pieces. Plenty of issues: At the moment the technical challenge is to try to find a way to get three drone motors to work, controlled by an arduino. I also have some "flying" video footage I'd like to use as part of this...  show more
First steps: "The Sky is For All"
i've begun to think about the development of a "suite" of new video installations that will be linked to an over-arching theme linked to a quotation from John Ruskin: The sky is for all; bright as it is, it is not “too bright, nor good, for human nature’s daily food,” it is fitted in all its functions for the perpetual...  show more