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Last week I spent my time in the spray booth at YSJ coating each bollard in two shades of grey spray paint. You can see that when the surface is one uniform colour the textured wallpaper is really effective.  show more
Refining the pieces
To achieve a texture on each of the marker posts that references the original texture of cast concrete. I've been applying textured wallpaper around the laser cut sections and onto the surface of the MDF. When painted this should give a similar effect to cast concrete. Or at least reference the origins of the piece.  show more
Mass production
Over the past few weeks I've been working on producing the gas marker pieces in multiple using the York St. John wood workshop. In total I have CNC cut and laser cut twelve marker post pieces. I hope to use these pieces in an exhibition I have planned at the beginning of April in the S1 Gallery in Sheffield where...  show more
Creating sculptures using digital technology
I am quite used to creating sculptures using sculptural materials and mould making processes. However to increase the amount of pieces I can produce I have also ventured into the use of wood and Digital Technology in order to be able to quickly produce multiple pieces. Today I used the CNC machine for the first time, cutting out and engraving...  show more
Opening the mould
Once the two sides have set solid but the plaster has not fully hardened the mould can be opened. Using a chisel I went around the edge of the mould where I expected my clay slip layer to be and gently tapped the mould until a clear crack appeared, you have to be gentle at this stage because you don't...  show more
Creating a plaster jacket
For the next stage of the mould I needed to produce a plaster jacket. This is what the silicone layer sits in and it acts to keep the silicone sturdy and maintain its shape.  To produce this layer I added some small clay moulds to the plastic so that the plaster is cast and has little dips in its surface...  show more
Making a mould
Because I want to not only produce a series of different sculptures, but also create multiple of each I then need to create a mould for each design. To begin making the mould for the first of my series I have coated the sculpture in a very thin layer of silicone this layer is used to capture the detail of...  show more
Sculpture series, adding details
I have now added detail to the first of my sculpture series. I wanted the pieces to be textured so that their finish was similar to that of cast concrete and so I used textures wallpaper and imprinted it into the surface of the clay. I have also added details such as text and imagery to the pieces. This specific...  show more
Sculpture series
Over the past few weeks I have been designing and working on the armature and base layer of clay for a series of sculptures I aim to produce. These sculptures are based on the shape and structure of concrete indicator posts used to signify gas pipes of water hydrants deep underground. Using this recognisable imagery alongside additions of text and...  show more
Sourcing materials
Having tested the Laser engraving settings on my granite sample last week I spent this weekend enquiring some other samples in Sheffield. Cleaning these and arranging them in my studio, I hope soon to be able to take them to York st John's university and set to work engraving my images and text. But for a while yet I still...  show more
The Beginning of a new body of work
I have been selected as one of the Artists to take part in the AA2A Artist Residency scheme at York St John's University, after having been inducted and earlier this week having conducted my artist talk to the students I am now becoming accustom with the facilities in the University. Today I've been working on laser engraving Granite. Having spoken...  show more