First Post!

Charis Jones 11 years ago

Well, we're 6 weeks into the residency and I finally have a direction to go in. I'm planning on making a series of mixed media sculptural creations (yes, the terminology could do with refining!) based on fairy stories and the messages behind them. I'm exploring lots of different materials and processes which is great fun. The problem is going to be deciding on which ones to use. Although I have spent the last 5 years focusing on blacksmithing and steel sculpture, my degree was in 3D Craft, so it's great going back to playing with lots of other techniques and materials. I spent today finding out how much I'd forgotten about slip casting in ceramics and managed to produce a couple of reasonable pumpkins (no prizes for guessing which story they are for!) I'll ignore the 2 that found their way into the bin.

It's the first year Staffs Uni has hosted AA2A artists and there have been a few teething problems. Our access to workshops has been restricted due to communication problems, which has been frustrating. It's getting resolved slowly, so hopefully we will be able to use all the workshop facilities we need by the end of the month.

I am still trying to work out how to upload images, but will post some pictures once I've sussed it.