Bridges Between Worlds

Baljinder Kaur 6 years ago

Picturebooks interest me most as a visual platform for storytelling, because they often feel like bridges between two worlds; words & pictures, adults & children, real and fantasy. 

As a second generation immigrant I have often felt as if I also live between two worlds; two languages, two cultures and two key generations. I am a British citizen with British mannerisms, yet have firm Panjabi and Sikh roots. I think and contemplate upon my Guru's words, written in Gurmukhi, in English. It's a strange limbo to live in, where meaningful experiences can often feel as if they've been lost, mistranslated or diluted. 

For the past few years, I have been working on refining my visual language to something which reflects and heals the above, a bridge between two worlds. During my residency, I hope to explore and deepen my understanding of Printmaking, in the hope of marrying it more intimately with my digital and freehand work, again an amalgamation of two worlds; traditional and digital.

This also explores the role of technology amongst children, and how it's evolution has perhaps influenced their relationship with parents/grandparents. For instance, with the increase of iPads and Phones, playtime has began to feel more and more isolated. I feel picturebooks are a great way to create and share important spaces between these generations.

I am most interested in creating wholesome and tangible experiences for the Sikh Diaspora, through the magic of picturebooks, so that we can connect deeper with one another, other communities, but most importantly ourselves.