Gathering seeds from the Motherland.

Baljinder Kaur
6 years ago

On trips especially, I try to keep a sketchbook with me. It pushes me to use 'free time' wisely or to just get up earlier and MAKE time. It helps draw boundaries between relaxing and getting lazy because I feel it's very important to maintain a constant creative practice, no matter the mood. To keep me going through my spectrum of emotions, excuses and doubts, I left with the aim of filling it completely within three weeks. (It was finally done, on the flight back home!) My sketchbook remained very close, like another limb. It helped me to absorb the present deeper, reflect on moments passed and kept me focused on the journey ahead, as both a Soul and an illustrator.

I'm naturally drawn to characters and find myself falling in love with them very easily and often. Nanded, Maharashtra, was one of my favourite places for this. An ethereal realm in itself, occupied by wizard-like warrior folk with their long robes, wispy beards, wooden staffs and antique weapons. 

Another point of interest was the sudden yet subtle shifts in character from those still residing in Panjab, and those that had migrated to England. This was interesting to observe at the Airport especially.

I'm very excited to see how all of these seeds gathered and gifted, will sprout and bloom. 
A few pages from the sketchbook India 2017

(28/09/17 - 20/10/17)