skin and bone with particle p

queens head pub, belper DE56 1FF
particle p
24-11-2018 to 24-11-2018
'Skin and Bone' is an unusual percussion trio, straddling compositional material and free improvisation. The body's bones and skin act as inspiration.
SKIN & BONE are a new trio with a difference, three percussionists!
They are three musicians bringing different backgrounds and styles to the sound-table. 

The percussionists are Greg Rawson, George Grignon and Walt Shaw.
Their backgrounds range through jazz, free improvisation, fusion, metal, and rock.

Rather than meet somewhere in the middle, they explode in the middle, with a host of polyrhythms, sound textures and exciting grooves, some you can even dance to. 

‘Drum battles’ it is not, the four compliment each other, weaving sound tapestries sometimes delicate and intricate, sometimes powerful.
The formidable technique employed is subservient to the music and audiences can expect surprises. 

Greg, George and Walt think of themselves as a band rather than three percussionists. The inspiration for many, but not all of their pieces, derive from bones in the human body and also skin, in all its manifestations, drum skins, the surface of things and human skin.
They move seamlessly across spontaneous free improvisation to structured compositional material.
Some element of electronics and voice is at times weaved into the percussion tapestry of sound.
Skin & Bone trio bring something special and unique to audiences.
skin and bone with particle p