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new site
great looking site, congratualtions to wendy and gill for making it happen. now i'm back in i can begin to share with you all where i am at the moment. to begin with, here's an image from the current research...    show more
i'm pleased to be back on the aa2a dot biz site and looking forward to the next few months. tomorrow i'm booked onto an open day at the level centre in derbsyshire, not only to look around but also to discuss a residency opportunity. i've already applied for the residency and due to poor numbers and my proposal not quite...  show more
walking in the warmth
five months on from the end of the residency and i've popped back to tweak the words that reside here.  in those five months i have continued to progress and have continued to produce work.  my plan is to leave this place for a while and continue along the path that became apparent during the residency. i still find it...  show more
from an end becomes a beginning. i'm sure that's a quote and it would be a little unfair to attribute it as so many have said it to me.  however i will say thank you to alison for being the latest to say it to me in our last aa2a session.  in preparing for that session, i rather went through...  show more
play,play,play all day
i met with the other artists yesterday for the last time under the umbrella of aa2a 2011/2012.  in our group discussions there was again much heated debate and conversation, that we all really enjoyed. i've certainly enjoyed the time and space to play on aa2a.     my play has given me these:    show more
nearing cessation
i've filled in my questionaire and emailed my word document.  i've posted two audio files to soundcloud.  it's a kin to packing for a holiday. in the last 24 hours i've been through quite a large swing of feelings about what i've been through on this residency.  for a start it's been for me and me alone.  i've done what...  show more
a point to failure
i'm working with the pieces of video gathered and made that might stand as an outcome for this residency and it occurs to me that for a while i might have been allowing the outcome to be some point about there being no harm in having a failure and leaving it at that. however there's personal pride at stake here....  show more
successful failure ?
i've been considering: what if my residency is a succesful failure? i've been thinking this as as yet i am unable to resolve what i began in a manner in which i feel happy about it.  so does there need to be a resolution?  the great thing abut the aa2a scheme is that actually there doesn't need to be one....  show more
is open ness always a good thing.
as i near the end of the aa2a time i'm moving my research outdoors to endeavour to realise some sort of outcome. i've attempted to add the image here in this post but i can't work out how to do it.   my feelings about the finl outcome are mixed as i am developing a love hate relationship with the...  show more
searching for an act of completion
being on the aa2a scheme has given me the time and space to research something that was of interest following my snee snaw project.  i've come a long way with the research and at times i have found it hard not to be hard on myself for not being that far on, even though i've done so much work.  i...  show more
reflection, groove salad and redecoration
my residency at ntu has taken me deep into a space that is uncomfortable.  the space i talk of is within me, not the institution.  my sonics research has got to a point where i hate what i've done, to the point of wanting to give it all up and get a job in morrisons. so i've bought some time...  show more
more reflection
which mode of writing to adopt today ? formal for national or chatty for local ? i consider this to be a blog that will be read at a personal level from one's lap with a coffee, or at a desk with a cup of earl grey tea, so either way it's local ... hence a chatty style today.  ...  show more
i'm getting better.  for a start i am writing this. my time at ntu has been enjoyable and this thursday we have another group get together. one aspect of the residency i didn't expect to reflect on was how having a deadline to work to affects ones progression.  i've been making my research and bimbling ahead with very little idea...  show more
being gentle on oneself
i'm having to take gentle steps at the moment as once again i am missing the sun and feeling affected as a result. what i can report is that one of my images is now included in the library of images for the home page and i'm well proud of that and this week i have been on bbc...  show more
title for a blog entry.
i'm not quite feeling my bouncey self at the moment.   the staff in the bonnington shop are really friendly and helpful.   two things that really stand out for me about ntu: enquiry and negotiation.   i have an unexpected line of enquiry... awkward.  i have some drawing materials now and am going to think about awkward, draw about...  show more
snowy reflections
once upon a time there was a beautiful prince.  he lived in a land far far away.  he was known to be there as occasionally he rode from far far away to near near by and then returned to far far away. the prince sort interest.  he sorted it here, he sorted it there.  it was all very neat and...  show more
mid point week
lately i'm aware of a bit of a shift within my well being.  it's a combination of things.  i viewed the staff exhibition in the bonnington gallery, with a specific peice to view, made by robert the technician in the sound studio.  i feel that describing robert as technician is understating the gentleman's ability and talent.  i enjoyed spending time...  show more
i come to write a post about getting going again and words dessert me.  needless to say in my minds eye i've got bagpuss yawning and waking up and professor yaffle is dusting off his spectacles. with lessons learnt and opportuities to apply for, i'm happy that the winter holiday season has passed and there's time and space to carry...  show more
water on the floor, midge ure and editting my aa2a profile
a day of unexpectations. i didn't expect to wake up to water on the kitchen floor from a leaky tap in the bathroom. i didn't expect to hear midge ure's music touring documentary on radio four.  it was lovely to hear as it resonated with personal experience. i did expect to want to edit my aa2a profile as today is...  show more
coffee, you and yours and images
i've learnt the importance of image today, i'll not bore with details here.  i did have a bit of a strowp and having done that relaised that the opportunity was one i could utilise. in the new image album are images what i have made behind the main practice and a lik to a sound file, one of the outcomes...  show more
the public vote
i see the public vote is now open for this year's aa2a intake.  the competitive part of me wants me to be the favourite, to get the necognitian and prestigue of the extra coverage.   and in the moment of competitiveness ness, my shoulders drop, my inner voice starts to question the information on my profile page.  have i actually...  show more
for my birthday this year
little did i expect to get to be part of a show and listen session with ma fine art students for my birthday this year.  it sits well with not expecting to get to experience an mri scanner last there going to be a third event to complete this series ? the show and listen session was going to take place...  show more
jam roly poly and ding ding: round 1 reflections
at my place of base working, i have had sessions with two more materials, these haven't been as hard to manipulate as the very first mentioned in this blog.  the playings as i see them as such and recourse myself to write research as that is what the outer sphere will want them to be, for that way the word...  show more
mash potato and kate bush
another day of playing with material at ntu.  i went there today kind of knowing that the material i was playing with last week was not going to sustain a whole sesion of research.  however my session began in an unexpected way by meeting an ma student.  i have to say it was rather lovely meeting a fully fledged student...  show more
start the week with washing and ayckbourn
after the school jog (we were late leaving!) i returned through the fog to start my week. a machine full of washing first on the agend before turning to my 11 o'clock meeting.  to keep me company i lean on analogue radio...andrew marr...starting his week. starting his week with several other people, starting theirs and around their table is a...  show more
porridge, raw material and something else, i'll remember it in a moment.
yes we had porridge to start us all off today.  it seemed the best thing to do as i'd negotiated some practical time with a raw material.  the porridge was lovely and sustained me into the afternoon. the raw material was a wrestle.  i knew i wanted it to do a specific thing and i struggled to get it into...  show more
moto gp, tears and conversation.
i anticipate my page on will evolve.   the moto gp season has now come to an end for 2011.  i didn't expect the loss of simoncelli to affect me so much, watching the broadcast from valencia i found my self repeatidly in tears.  i don;t fully understand why. i had my first meeting this week at ntu with...  show more
packing, preparing for take off
i gather my things, have i all the skills, the influences.  i've packed some so far, however after a black coffee reflection are they the most relevent, are some of them things i really like and want to share, rather than things that struck deep chord that has sustained over time. editting permits progress and progress leads to catching a...  show more
hello world. my ride on the wave of beginning is going well and i find myself standiing up to see where i am going.  enjoying the exploration of the site and exploration of the possibilities to post, place and procrastonate.  show more