Plaster and Colour

Amelia Pethullis 11 months ago

Within my practice I have a keen focus on the senses and how art can engage with the senses in a multitude of ways. Sight and touch are of key importance at present and I have began exploring the materiality of plaster and how it can be utilized as a vessel for both colour and texture. In such explorations, I have combined paint with plaster and engaged in hand painting and sculpting.

These explorations have allowed me to enact playful expression which is reminiscent of my childhood need to explore through touch. This thirst for experience is often squashed by rules and regulations which is key to why I am so fascinated by it. I seek to questioon why I am so inclined to experience and absorb anything and everything. Why my senses are so heightened and raw. How I as an artist can saturate this thirst.