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Essence - second year exhibition
As a summary of our collective second year studying Fine Art at York St John, myself and my peers formed our final exhibition titled 'Essence'. A wide range of free thinking works, exploring the core aspects of artistic practice, come together to form a showcase of multimedia arts.  My work explored sensorial experience and the relationship between objects and touch....  show more
Plaster and Colour
Within my practice I have a keen focus on the senses and how art can engage with the senses in a multitude of ways. Sight and touch are of key importance at present and I have began exploring the materiality of plaster and how it can be utilized as a vessel for both colour and texture. In such explorations, I...  show more
Ceramics: A learning Curve
 This academic year has been a whirlwind so far! I’ve broadened my skills and developed a new love for photography, especially still life. I’ve found joy in expanding my practice to other areas of creativity but also pressure in working on projects with such huge potential in small periods of time. Working collaboratively has been a massive eye opener to...  show more
Second Year Fine Art, Semester 1 - Amelia Pethullis 2k22
As I move towards the New Year and take a break from my practice, I am able to reflect on the progress I have made and productive enquiries that I have enacted. Most importantly I feel that in moving past the Pathway - 'Sustenance' project, I have been able to point my investigations opf material towards an understanding of sensory...  show more