Beyond the Parameters of Officialdom

Alistair Woods
2 years ago

Beyond the Parameters of Officialdom is a collection of new works by Alistair Woods, that reflect on working class aspirations, with particular reference to football casuals and fan culture. The desire to collect logos stems from working class men and women seeking an identity and forming representations of that based on the use and appropriation of logos and recognisable characters. This is partly due to the lack of ability, money and time to create something original. Examples of this can be seen on football pin badges and merchandise sold by vendors on match days or homemade signs advertising burger vans.


The idea of bootlegs, counterfeits and fakes recurs throughout the show, both in the paintings and the other works, and this features within compositions found in the street like over-painted graffiti or marks made in pub toilets. The works are also abstractly anecdotal, and portray the essence of functional and charming everyday marks such as pins and staples left on community notice boards, or poorly painted numbers on a wheelie bin.


The paintings are created using some traditional materials, but also adopt alternative ways to create marks such as using smoke canisters, lighter burns, and layers of applying, removing and covering spray paint and leather dye.