Dar FIKAR - Artist in Residence

Aindreas Scholz 4 weeks ago
Dar FIKAR, Failaka Island, Kuwait
10-02-2024 to 19-02-2024

As a conscientious creator of analogue images deeply attuned to environmental concerns, my mission is to pioneer sustainable photographic printing practices, pushing the boundaries of technical, conceptual, and creative realms. Grounded in a responsive approach to specific sites, my work explores the intricate interplay between humans, non-humans, nature, and the broader environment.

Conversations sparked by my art serve as catalysts for my continual growth. Delving into the profound processes of deep time through geological exploration and capturing the immediate impacts of adverse weather and a shifting climate due to human influence are central to my evolving photographic practice. The essence of change is pivotal in my work, evident in every image I create.

In my series, The Most Beautiful Anthropocene, I seamlessly integrated two 19th-century Victorian photographic printing techniques—cyanotype and lumen. This intricate process involved the exploration of expired photographic darkroom paper, cyanotype solution, and UV light, resulting in the creation of distinctive cyanolumens using exclusively organic materials.

Each site becomes a collaborative partner as I engage with the elements—be it seawater, rain, or plant specimens. Sunlight, silt, and soil converge in a harmonious dance, shaping an inner world within my images that resonates with viewers. I intend to not only stimulate conversations but to actively participate in them, fostering my growth as an individual through meaningful engagement with my audience.

Dar FIKAR - Artist in Residence