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New challenges
Following AA2A at Loughborough University, I  have been given the opportunity to collaborate with researchers at University of Leicester working on the GeneBank55 Project. The conservation project seeks to collect, dry and freeze wlld flower seeds that are threatened with extinction in Leicestershire and Rutland. Im not a botanical artist, but hope to work with this important project to create...  show more
July residency
During July I’ll be concluding my AA2A residency at York St John University with three weeks in a big space to make new work alongside fellow AA2A artist Sue Mann.  show more
'The Other Art Fair' Handyside Canopy, London
Following AA2A exhibition at Loughborough University felt a bit 'flat'! Then heard one of my sketchbooks, which Id sent to the Brooklyn Library (NY) Sketchbook Project was coming to Paris then London with a number of other peoples. Last day today. I went Friday. Fair presented by Saatchi Arts in brilliant area behind Kings Cross.Learnt lots about exhibiting in an...  show more
Pamela Turns Archaeologist
I've accidently chipped off a bit of the tail but all in all I'm hopeful. This is the most fragile part so if the rest of the wax stayed in the right place......maybe my twenty percent will have paid off!    show more
Thank you for the chance to collaborate
Collaboration has always been key to my practice, and the AA2A residency experience has only cemented in my mind why I always prefer to work creatively with others. It has been a pleasure to continue my on-going partnership with FACT's Digital Ambassadors to explore the social history of Chester canals as part of this residency. Moreover the time at University...  show more
VR Art Gallery
Cryptovoxels  is a virtual world built on the ethereum blockchain. I have a small gallery space on there in the Hiro district. In the space I'm currently displaying a range of ink drawings, and pieces created using printmaking methods. Visit the space here:,160S This virtual space can be accessed in VR using a VR headset, or via a computer...  show more
End of year Show @Bucks New Uni
All of the AA2A artists at Bucks Uni were invited to exhibit with the students for their end of Degree show. It was great to see the fruits of all their hard labour and chat to them about their plans going forward.It was also good to have a chance to chat to my fellow AA2A artists, we seem to have...  show more
PRO TEM Exhibition
Our AA2A  'PRO TEM' Exhibition closes this Friday. It was great we were included as part of the Loughborough University ARTS FESTIVAL.  show more
If at first you don't sucseed, try, try again...
  Apparently there's only a 20% chance that my wax model will work! That's pretty good odds; I'dsay. To be continued next week!  show more
Half way through our show at Loughborough University Martin Hall Gallery. Open all week 12-2pm. Closes 14 June. Great campus. Will be sorry to leave the AA2A as it has been so rewarding.  show more
New installation?
Since completing the AA2A residency, I've continued to print from the plates produced in the University of Hertfordshire print room. The juxtaposition of warm and cool colours has led to what could be an interesting installation if the prints were pinned to the wall in the arrangement below, or laid flat in a display case or on the floor. I'm also...  show more
The dye lab starts to infiltrate painting, going forward…
With the AA2A scheme and Bucks New University’s support, I was able to experiment and test dye methods, mark marking, staining and embedding colour with transparent fabrics for painting.  Working under the umbrella of the textiles department, using textile approaches and industry facilities to research colour application and dye removal techniques with an array of fabrics. Although the containment or...  show more
Texture, colour blends and removal...
Experiments surrounding embedding colour within transparent fabrics has lead to divergent lines of enquiry with texture.  Heat and steam methods are creating additional considerations.  show more
Student Drawing Workshop - returning the support
At the of February a drawing workshop with textile and print students took place with fun outcomes.  Foraging for recycle objects to draw with lead the textile crew to re-address mark making as a means of research, helping expand their project briefs. View their progress surrounding texture and making their mark @buckstextiles      show more
Colour Removal
Colour removal, known as discharge techniques.  Mixing painting approaches with dye methods and vice versa with varying degrees of success.   Dye techniques: Shibori, Formosul discharge (wary chemicals). Painter's slant: salt, bleach, masking fluid.  show more
Heat, Steam, Colour, Fabric - research continues...
Researching various colour combinations, blends and base fabrics continues.  Results are producing many learning curves from loosing all colour, to gaining additional unexpected extras!  All useful collected knowledge to transfer to paint. The bain-marie, steam and disperse dyes for synthetics seems to be the combination delivering so far...   show more
What's happening this month...
For many of you (unless you've agreed an extension) you'll have finished or will be about to finish your AA2A placement. Thank you for being part of AA2A this year, we sincerely hope that you've found your time at your host uni productive and rewarding We've just launched our sign up campaign for host universities for next academic year, so...  show more
One hour down ......several more to go
I have been busy carefully washing my nails with soapy water now that I know for sure I have enough!! Not having enough being my first worry. Then I started to slowly seperate them according to size: Tiny, Small, Medium, Big and Huge. I have to do this half an hour an hour at a time because if I don't...  show more
'Even a Stopped Wheel' participatory piece at Loughborough University
  Last week's trip to Loughborough University was an intense affair! In just under a day and a half i had to prepare a large batch of paperclay and then use it to create 'Even a Stopped Wheel', a trial for new participatory work, whilst nipping in and out of printmaking to print my mezzotint. The participatory piece was a...  show more
Lorraine Cooke's work published in 'The Critical Fish' Art and culture magazine.
Lorraine Cooke's work is published in 'The Critical Fish' magazine (a UK based journal promoting research led writing about arts and visual culture.) The publication is a forum for debate; connecting organisations, artists and audiences. It features critical but accessible writing and supports creativity and culture. #FishMag  show more
Arts Trail & other news
My first ever arts trail was a great success. I used the experience to gauge interest in my new work, and see if it could be financially viable. I made 18 sales during the two days of the trail, and 1 follow up sale, where the buyer came to my home to buy a print. Am really pleased with how...  show more
A Visit from some York St John Students
Life is incredibly serendipitous sometimes; on the day that I had finally reclaimed my studio at home I had an email from Natasha, a student at York St John's college, asking if she and some of her peers could come over for a visit!         Previously, the studio at home had been impassable - a mix of...  show more
In Conversation Curator Hugo Worthy & artist Pamela Schilderman
Looking forward to the 'In Conversation' with Hugo later today at De Montfort gallery. I have my powerpoint presentation ready, my sketchbook ready and I'm packed ready to go! It will be relaxed and informal and there'll be plenty of opportunity for you to ask me questions, hope to see you there. 5 - 7 pm  show more
Developing work after AA2A
Since completing the AA2A residency at the University of Hertfordshire, I've been lucky enough to continue developing my etchings at Slaughterhaus Print Studio in London. I'd noticed that my work had become particularly monochromatic over the last couple of years and wanted to explore the impact of colour on prints made from my recent plates. By printing multiple times on...  show more
New Boundary Linocuts
I've cut two more boundary linocuts and have completed the set of four. All are printed and wrapped, ready for the Belper Arts Trail on Sunday 5th and Monday 6th May. I'm showing my work at Attic Batik next to the market place in Belper, on the upper trail.  I'm using the trail to discover what the public reaction is to my...  show more
Your blog posts...
At AA2A we enjoy following your blog posts. Not only as we love to see and read about the work you're making and the workshops and talks you may be delivering, but because your posts help us see and show the value and impact of AA2A. It’s been fascinating to follow the Artists and AA2A Student Reps who've blogged about their...  show more
What's happening this month...
Wendy's almost finished her Self-employment lecture tour for this academic year, with only Derby University (15 May) and Sheffield Hallam's (2nd talk, TBC) to go. We'll be sending Derby AA2A Artists an invite over the coming weeks, so if you're able to make it, Wendy would love to introduce you during the talk. Wendy recently attended the annual CHEAD Conference,...  show more
Sweet Smell of Success
Really pleased with how my anatomically correct wax nose has turned out! Did the cast on Friday and then poured the melted wax straight in. Needs some tweeking but otherwise I almost wish I could keep it.  show more
Lino & embroidery
I've now produced 2 lino cuts of dry stone walls and 2 of hawthorn hedgerows. I'm printing them as a limited edition of 25 on white and 25 on soft white (cream) Somerset paper. At the end of March I spent 40 hours one week cutting a lino of a hawthorn tree at a larger scale than my previous cuts,...  show more
tests and trials
  More mezzotint experiments, this time with a larger plate and using A4 white computer printing paper. Thinking of using the most basic and familiar sort of paper (the most democratic? The least 'fine art' related?) which gave a less clear print, however the slight buckle in the paper as it dried was what i was after - planning to...  show more
A creative response to sharing a space...
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Breeze... Breathe...Ah to be second class...
It is always desheartening to be reminded that you are a second-class user in the college. After having used that wall for 3 months to realise a work that can only be placed there, after discussing with the student why this location is important for the work (the air flow is unique there), the student takes it over while I...  show more
Pumpkin Stands
At home in the studio, I have been working on the height, scale and design that I want for my stands with varying degrees of success. I started with screws, blue tac and garden wire first and then moved on to the wax. I now know the height and size of base I need. I think I may incorporate a...  show more
Current exhibition featuring work by Lorraine Cooke (AA2A Engage Member.)
Lorraine Cooke's work is currently on show at the vivacity 'Open exhibition 2019' at Peterborough Museum and Art Gallery. Vivacity 'Open exhibition' serves as a platform in recognising and promoting, showcasing and rewarding the best selection of visual art from across the UK. Exhibition details: Peterborough Museum, 29th March- 26th May.  Judges: Katherine Wood- Freelance Curator and Former Director of...  show more
Chris. Dugrenier + Adrian Baynes - Studio Visit
13/03/2019 As part of the ‘AA2A Engage’ project, Chris. Dugrenier, Coventry University’s artist-in-residency, proposed a visit to the studio she shares with architect, designer and artist Adrian Baynes. Chris., Saffron and I all agreed this would be of great interest for many students, as it presented itself as an opportunity to pop outside the academia ‘bubble’ and discuss ideas, worries...  show more
Carborundum Course
I ran a carborundum printmaking Course at DMU showing fine art students how to make metal printing plates. We ran the course over two consecutive Wednesday afternoons, Making the plates on the first week and printing them on the secon. The results were amazing. The student feedback was good too.  show more