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First artist talk
Yesterday I did my first artist talk at Ossett Academy to the year 13’s. the talk was about being an artist in University, and shared my experiences that I’d had through my studies.  It was a very exciting opportunity and was glad to have possibly helped some students make an informed choice on whether University was for them. I represented...  show more
Breeze... Breathe
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The poetics of space...
In my research into Michel Foucault Heterotopia, I have selected 3 spaces around the college to focus my attention further. After meeting with the Facility Manager and sending 2 proposals, I gained the permission to spend 2 days in each spaces. The first space is the Glass Void between the Outside and Reception Area. It is a space between 2...  show more
Experimenting with found materials
My first day as an AA2A Artist in Residence was spent experimenting with using found natural objects as drawing materials. I'd brought with me a selection of objects including: two feathers, an acorn shell, a washed up bone from the River Thames, a twig and some sea glass. Once I'd filed my three zinc plates, degreased them and prepared two...  show more
Who are our artists? - Chris Dugrenier
One of the two AA2A artists that has joined us as Coventry University this year is French visual artist Chris Dugrenier. She works across solo performances, video art, site-specific, and live art performances. Her aim is to take her audience on a physical journey as well as a journey of the mind. Since joining us Chris has pondered in a...  show more
Artist statement January 2018
Nigel is a visual artist working in North Wales in the UK making paintings and prints, his work is mainly associated with the flatness of paper and canvas, but has a developing interest in the sculptural forms of these disciplines and explores the ideas of flatness, surface and formin relation to the printed/painted image. An emerging theme in the work...  show more
Dressing the space - An exploration of George Street Pocket Park
As we enter a new year, I am long over due this first blog post. Back to writing again, in the wake of a whirl wind 2018, it dawned on me three months of the AA2A residency is already behind me. But here is what I have been up to and what I hope there is to come.  Since beginning...  show more
single action short no.1
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October-December 2018 Summary
Before moving on to any good resolutions, the last day of 2018 seems like the perfect occasion to look back at what I’ve done and enjoyed over the past months at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Wolverhampton. Since it was the start of the residency, it was mainly about settling in: getting to know my surroundings, meeting...  show more
Stone wall and Lino cut
Unexpectedly, I'm beginning to explore print making rather than screen printing on my AA2A residency. The field and farm boundaries of hedge and stone wall lend themselves to lino and, hopefully lithograph. I'm using my finest carving tool to capture graphic, linear qualities, echoing the illustrations in the fairytale books of my childhood.  Last night I finished carving my stone...  show more
Artist Residency
Artist Residency I’ve never had an Artist studio for a number of reasons: - it is an expense that I cannot really afford, I live a 4-mile cycle ride from town so to get to a studio and back is a chore, and in the summer, it felt odd to call myself an Artist.  One miserable, wet, dark, raining night...  show more
Arts at The Old Fire Station
I have recently been working as a mentor at The Old Fire Station in Oxford on a project involving crisis artists called 'Our Place' The work they produced was fanatastic and very thought provoking, it is on for a few more days until the 22nd December so do pop in if you are in Oxford. They aslo have a lovely...  show more
Starting out at BUCKS New uni
I have enjoyed a few weeks settling in and finding my way round the 3d areas. What amazing equipement the students have here!  I am based in product design, but work across many different media.  I hope to meet more students next term... please do come and chat if you see me around , I am always interested to hear...  show more
Thoughts about art and climate change
Forget everything else, Brexit, the economy, none of it will matter in 12 years’ time if we don’t change the way we live our lives.’ This is what I want to shout through my art. A recent response developed from collecting litter from the banks of the River Soar to make a circle of waste, an ‘earth of plastic’. Passers-by...  show more
Sketching with Friction
   In the lead up to Christmas I’ve begun to submerge myself further into the sketching process, exploring Endings in much greater depth in ways that feel both challenging and eye-opening in their ability to unpeel much more of my current thinking that seemed previously hidden.    This week’s blog will be thinking in detail about a specific sketching exercise...  show more
Back to Square One
It happens sometimes but thankfully this time, it's happened at the beginning of the process! I had an enlightening meeting with a  Forensic Biology Lecturer at De Montfort who answered my varied questions. As a result, my clear bottles will need to be repurposed. The good news is that sometimes the artwork you intended to make ends up better as a consequence of these changes. Another bonus from this meeting, is that I will now be able to ensure that the science is watertight.   show more
video sketch book #1
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   Christmas seems to be fast approaching, and with it comes the chance to catch a break and recoup following an incredibly busy period of work. Current Work    With Embracing The End (still a really early working title) still in it’s very early stages, this week has focused on what I hope to achieve through this project, and I’ve...  show more
mountains and wheels
After another intense two days working in the ceramics department the cart wheel mould is finished.  Too heavy to carry far at the moment it will sit and dry over Christmas. Then i'm looking forward to trying out casting paperclay in it. In the meantime i am trying out some new techniques after chatting to Pete in printmaking. Sent away...  show more
Skull research for 3rd year project
For my final year of uni I will been looking at the human animal conflict that is threating to wipe out a lot of wild animals across the world. And to educate children about this matter. I'm still in a debate with myself at what age I should target my final piece at. Are 3 years to young to really...  show more
moving image studio works
a series of shorts that feature single actions - actions of looking, seeing, image creation, the event or its wake.....   no. 1 (arm movement to frame a photo) shot list  show more
Power of the institution
The institution has power of control and regulations, however, in order to challenge the control the first step must be taken. Control the viewers perception of these regulations. Power of the institution < power of electricity.  show more
new work 2
This artwork is a result of the resources available on the placement, I aim to make these works sculptural while retaining the integrity of the printed image.        show more
Super Silicon
Finally got to remove my resin model yesterday and it doesn't look at all bad considering it's my first attempt. I'll have to wait for it to be completely dry and then I'm going to fill in two little air bubbles and sand it down so that the surface is perfectly smooth. I may even use the mould again to make a back up/tester resin model.  show more
Moving Forward, Back, and Standing Still
   It’s been two weeks since the last blog post, in which time things seem to have been moving forward in all directions (and at times, coming to a complete standstill).   Setting Up (A Quick Update)     In terms of setting up my practice, I’ve been focusing on   Meeting with an accountant: The common piece of advice Artists...  show more
First days
It's been an interesting first few days at Loughborough; I've started working on a large mould of a cart wheel which belongs on a very old European dogcart of unknown origin. The cart itself (and its other wheels) is in my studio in Stroud, but fittingly the one wheel travelled the 4 hours by train with me to Loughborough. Going...  show more
Thoughts from a read based from Marcel DuChamp’s practice
What does it all mean? Is removing the value of an object to recreate it as art removing the originality of the art itself? Ready-mades is a very insightful philosophy but is it defeating the process of what one is trying to achieve. So many new ideas and not enough room to make it fit into simplicity. Making a thesis...  show more
Three Clear Bottles.....
My very first glass bottles ready from the kiln! Delighted, I've been wanting to learn how to work with glass for so long! Jill, the technician is amazing, I can't wait for my next session.  show more
The art institution will be forever changing and will always develop, creating new ways of teaching their students. The act of movement displays this concept of development and new creation. A new theory I’ve been developing within my practice, can’t wait to work more on it.  show more
Tests on Paper
The lasercuts on paper in theory could save time and labour if they worked correctly, I have my reservations because of burn marks made by lasercutting which would deter from the visual impact of the printed image. I cannot at this point name the make model or power of the laser cutter used but having used lasercutting previously I am...  show more
First Test Samples
I have created some screen printed images on two papers, Southbank Smooth and Lambeth Cartridge and some on clear plastic sheeting of an unknown make, all printed fine using standard acrylic screen inks.I ahve then gone on to laser cut and laser engrave these samples. The pastic worked to a suitable quality however this unknown material could differ from my...  show more
Start of Placement.
This placement will allow me to explore the idea of "Distortion" using my acknowledge media of work, print i intend to combine technologies of paper engineeering, laser cutting, sculpture and print to make artefacts that expand the medium of printmaking.  show more
What I hope to achieve from being a student rep.
I recently found out about the AA2A scheme and the opportunity to be a student rep and thought that it would be the perfect fit for my external experience module in my 2nd semester. As I had never heard of this organization before or its fantastic opportunities, I want to spread the word so more students in my situation can...  show more
Business plan development
I had a really productive meeting with the rest of my team on how we can move forward with our idea. I now think we have a solid idea and the ground work we put in at the start has really help us to concentrate on making our presentation the best it can be.  I can honestly say this has...  show more
Peripatetic studio
As the space allocated to me became unavailable for maintenance and other complicated reasons, I have been poundering on why a space/studio is necessary for an artist. What is a studio? What is a studio for? What is done in a studio? what is needed in a studio to do the work needed? In practical term, it is simply a...  show more
today, my phone is broken
no phone no pixels no photos no taking photos no scrolling photos no showing photos no looking again no looking back today I must be content with looking in the now    show more