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What's happening at AA2A this month...
Artist Support Fund - this has now closed.  Around half of our 55 artists are on low income and we're delighted to be able to help them with their expenses and travel costs. Final payments have been made this week. more info on the fund Weekly ‘Pic’ and ‘Tip’ - each week we share an image that's been uploaded to...  show more
Back on the wheel
It's been a while since I really sat at a wheel and practised my craft. I don't make as much wheel-thrown work at the moment, because I hurt my back and I haven't had a studio I could get inside if easily till this year. I love things to be a bit wonky and wobbly as I have always looked...  show more
day 1
day 1. my first time printing in the surface pattern print room at Staffs Uni for nearly 30 years. the ever present Sue was there to show me the ropes, just as she was when I started there in 1990! so I can now coat screens, expose screens and print from them, which I think represents a good first session....  show more
repurposing a fridge
  What better way to use a redundant old fridge than an air tight store cupboard for the pottery studio. heres the results of my first day of building awaiting my next visit. So potters no need for old bags, cling film etc.. heres a way of keeping your work hydrated. A save Space for the students to keep their...  show more
  I had the pleasure of meeting Judith (3rd year Bh Fine Art Student on my first day in the Ceramics studio. She came to ask the technician Rob a question. As soon as I showed her what I was doing and invited her to join me for the afternoon she was engaged. Two of us visited her workspace and...  show more
1st firing at York St John
Spent my first full day in the ceramics studio yesterday. It was very productive. Here im sharing my new work ready to fire. Such a fantastic kiln for a handbuilder like myself to share with the students, I can maintain large scale builds. I have mixed my own glazes for this project, hoping for a milky white body, soft subdues...  show more
Carving London Plane
As a painter and Illustrator, I wanted to translate my work into other mediums that I felt would be sympathetic to the subject matter - contemporary urban landscape. One of my proposed objectives was to use wood. I have a surplus of London Plane wood left over from our kitchen build and felt this would be ideal. The easier and...  show more
Intro week
My AA2A residence in Derby University and I am travelling by train to the Uni. It was good to meet the other artist at the residency who are spread over different parts of the arts faculty. I am located in the Photography section, with my main resource for this residency will be the traditional darkroom. Practical elements of this residency....  show more
Testing 1 2 3
The start of every project there is a lot of testing as I enjoy that part and a new project is often a great excuse to try something new, new glazes, new clay etc. In the last post I already showed the new clays I am starting with, plus add on to those Blackpool School of Arts buff clay and...  show more
What's happening at AA2A this month...
Funding - We’re delighted that AA2A is to continue being funded by Arts Council England from 2023 to 2026. We’re one of only 40 national sector support organisations (now known as IPSOs) covering all the arts, museums and libraries across the country New intake of Artists - Welcome to our 50+ new AA2A artists (with quite a few re-joining us...  show more
Art Books Project Research_ 2
First thoughts and initial notes [to be continued] I continue thinking about the differences and similarities between the experience of encountering a large multi-disciplinary immersive installation compared to an encounter with an artist’s book. Phenomenologically, there are similarities but I wonder, would an engineered close-up with a book be experienced more 'intimately' or intensively than an experience of a spatial,...  show more
Artists' Books Project Research_ 1
Found this: 1 Artist Book definitions which extend my ideas rather than confine them: is “ a sequence of spaces”, [1] ‘ a space-time sequence’[2] or an object containing ‘bookish’ elements such as “containment, sequence, repetition, moveable parts, and printed text and images”,[3] or, a sequence of pages within a container.[4]  the packaging of multiple planes held together in fixed...  show more
First blog !!
Hello! Here is my first blog post for the AA2A program: hope I can keep you interested and updated on how I get on with my placement at Blackpool School of Art. I have been in to the library and studios several times and everyone has been so helpful and friendly. It was great to have staff enthusiastic about ideas I...  show more
The bath of ideas?
The more I reflect, the more I realise and remember that the majority of my ideas or creative thoughts arrive (or are presented to me) when I bathe. Laying in the water somehow seems to aid/stimulate a certain openness that is needed to accept information. I have also learnt to never outrightly reject ideas that flow into my conscious mind...  show more
My Project Statement
I am embarking on an extended piece of work focused on Lindow Moss near Wilmslow, a degraded raised peat bog which, until recently, was subject to mechanical peat extraction.  This has now ceased, and restoration of the bog commenced in February 2022.  In May this year I produced 30 experimental artworks exploring the history (natural and human).  My intention is...  show more
Loading up with clay
Getting supplies from Potclays in Stoke-on-Trent for my work at UCLan this week...  show more
no I
Beginning to draw. Using my mobile phone as the catalyst. Considering peripheral space in the light of time spent negotiating daily life focusing on this small rectangular screen.  show more
What is it? What is it that he is thinking? (Beginnings)
Things more than often start with text. It's the most useful jumping off point at the beginning of a project. It helps set the tone, language and the mental and visual imagery for myself and anyone I might collaborate with. A working title also initiates a certain expansion and leads to other areas unexplored. So as I work with the text...  show more
A distant memory and an artwork
Reliquary II Reconstructed book. 21 x 17 x 2 cm 2018 reworked 2022 The first time I saw a reliquary was as a child in the beautiful church, a converted Ottoman mosque of St. Titus in Herakleion. I knew little about the history of the building, the significance of its conversion, and indeed even less about St. Titus.  The old...  show more
A space I can call my own!
As my work is predominantly audio based I needed a space where I would be mostly uninterrupted so that I could think, write, curate sound and set up the processes that would allow me begin to explore how this project might evolve. I'm happy to report that the lovely people at Blackpool School of Arts have just given me access...  show more
Grateful for my aa2a placement with Sunderland University
I'm feeling very grateful to be selected for a placement with Sunderland University. They have extensive facilities and are of course leading the field in ceramics and glass. This is a fantastic opportunity for me to start experimenting and I'm really looking forward to meeting all the students and faculty. To be sited at the National Glass Center is also...  show more
New Ideas, New Clays
I'm approaching my time at the Blackpool School of Art to combine a series of different skills. As an artist I have had a portfolio career, working in formal education, being a potter making contemporary tableware, making sculptural experimental pottery to talk about place and the environment, and then at the opposite end of the scale making bright and colourful...  show more
What's happening at AA2A this month...
New AA2A year - host organisations are beginning to welcome in their new cohort of AA2A artists. We can’t wait to see who has signed up and what they will be working on! Artists are encouraged to use their AA2A profiles to showcase work in progress, blogs or upcoming exhibitions, see our new artist profiles here Artists support fund - for...  show more
'Foreign Saints'
I have recently added two new aspects to my practice: Firstly, I started to keep sketchbooks, which are chronologically curated.  In other words, whereas in the past I just picked up whatever bit of paper and unfinished pad and scribbled in it, I now feel the need for linear progression and continuity. More of that later. The second was even...  show more
What's happening at AA2A this month...
Promotion of our residencies is now in full swing. So far we have 10 hosts signed up across the country, including two new hosts - welcome to Blackpool School of Art, joining us for the first time and Sunderland Uni who are rejoining the scheme... more info on applying  Apply for a placement -  We're often asked if you can go on...  show more
News and Updates
End of scheme artist shows and exhibitions As the schemes at many of our host universities draw to a close for the year, many of our creatives are showing the work from their placements in shows and exhibitions. If you are a current AA2A creative taking part in a show or exhibition do upload it to your profile as we...  show more
AA2A news and updates
Return to full schemes in 2022-23 After the disruption during the pandemic, we are currently in, what we’ve called a 'transition’ year, while we return to business as usual. Institutions were given the option to host between 0-6 artists.  Applications for the 2022-23 schemes will open over the summer and this will mark the AA2A project's return to full capacity....  show more
A Spring Update
It’s officially spring (meteorologically that is), how the academic year is flying by! It’s brilliant to have seen so much activity across the country, especially as part of organised events with students. In February AA2A artists took part in Wolverhampton’s Creative Futures event, Anglia Ruskin’s artists did an update talk and Lizzie Jordan did a talk at Staffordshire Uni last week. Our Creatives...  show more
Size matters
A methodology employed in my practice involves integrating the choreography of process into the act of drawing. In my last blog, I talked about having to let go of the direction of travel I thought I was going on. To do so, I went back to this central methodology and watched my body’s response to the material I was working...  show more
Research and Development
Over the past few months, I have been undertaking a period of R&D in Cambridge School of Arts (CSA) Futures-Lab. The new facility has state of the art 3D printers, scanners and lasercutters – amongst other tech! Working with CSA’s specialist technicians, I have been trying out different 3D printing and scanning processes.     ABS Print  .       ...  show more
Hello AA2A Artists and Student Reps
We want to say welcome to all of you who have now started your AA2A schemes. Thank you all for updating your profiles and sharing images. It is great to see so much exciting work happening.  We are starting to welcome Student Reps from some of our host insitutions so you will see their profiles appear on our website in...  show more
3. Churn and Lurch
The ‘churn’ and ‘lurch’ of the title refers to the early stages of research. Over the past few weeks I have been learning how to make paper. What I am really doing is learning about my relationship with made-paper as a material - I have experienced how it behaves and misbehaves, how it feels and smells, how it conforms and...  show more
2. reading for clues
My aim when initially working with a material, or materials, is to explore how we might draw together. There is period of exploration, of play, where I note how my body interacts and behaves with a material, and a process and its agents of change. I most often approach this choreographically in order to find a series of instructions to...  show more
Colour Theories and Grading
To begin this project I have been investigating different styles of photography that I can use and have discovered that cinematic colour grading has really caught my eye as can really draw on emotions and also allows the images to be unique in their design. I have been really focusing on the technique of colour grading and understanding colour itself...  show more
Thanks for your uploads
A huge welcome to those of our new AA2A Creatives who are already up and running.  If we've had your details from your host Uni / College then we'll have registered you on this site. This means you can upload images of work (past or present) as well as blog and promote any exhibitions you're in.  I'll write a more...  show more
1. starting, not starting.
A new project is a negotiation - between starting and continuing, between knowing and not knowing. It is a push to the future and a pull from the past, a holding on and a letting go. My practice is process led. The path of a new project is made in response to the new terrain. The oscillation between the knowing...  show more