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'Even a Stopped Wheel' participatory piece at Loughborough University
  Last week's trip to Loughborough University was an intense affair! In just under a day and a half i had to prepare a large batch of paperclay and then use it to create 'Even a Stopped Wheel', a trial for new participatory work, whilst nipping in and out of printmaking to print my mezzotint. The participatory piece was a...  show more
Lorraine Cooke's work published in 'The Critical Fish' Art and culture magazine.
Lorraine Cooke's work is published in 'The Critical Fish' magazine (a UK based journal promoting research led writing about arts and visual culture.) The publication is a forum for debate; connecting organisations, artists and audiences. It features critical but accessible writing and supports creativity and culture. #FishMag  show more
Arts Trail & other news
My first ever arts trail was a great success. I used the experience to gauge interest in my new work, and see if it could be financially viable. I made 18 sales during the two days of the trail, and 1 follow up sale, where the buyer came to my home to buy a print. Am really pleased with how...  show more
A Visit from some York St John Students
Life is incredibly serendipitous sometimes; on the day that I had finally reclaimed my studio at home I had an email from Natasha, a student at York St John's college, asking if she and some of her peers could come over for a visit!         Previously, the studio at home had been impassable - a mix of...  show more
In Conversation Curator Hugo Worthy & artist Pamela Schilderman
Looking forward to the 'In Conversation' with Hugo later today at De Montfort gallery. I have my powerpoint presentation ready, my sketchbook ready and I'm packed ready to go! It will be relaxed and informal and there'll be plenty of opportunity for you to ask me questions, hope to see you there. 5 - 7 pm  show more
Developing work after AA2A
Since completing the AA2A residency at the University of Hertfordshire, I've been lucky enough to continue developing my etchings at Slaughterhaus Print Studio in London. I'd noticed that my work had become particularly monochromatic over the last couple of years and wanted to explore the impact of colour on prints made from my recent plates. By printing multiple times on...  show more
New Boundary Linocuts
I've cut two more boundary linocuts and have completed the set of four. All are printed and wrapped, ready for the Belper Arts Trail on Sunday 5th and Monday 6th May. I'm showing my work at Attic Batik next to the market place in Belper, on the upper trail.  I'm using the trail to discover what the public reaction is to my...  show more
Your blog posts...
At AA2A we enjoy following your blog posts. Not only as we love to see and read about the work you're making and the workshops and talks you may be delivering, but because your posts help us see and show the value and impact of AA2A. It’s been fascinating to follow the Artists and AA2A Student Reps who've blogged about their...  show more
Whats happening this month...
Wendy's almost finished her Self-employment lecture tour for this academic year, with only Derby University (15 May) and Sheffield Hallam's (2nd talk, TBC) to go. We'll be sending Derby AA2A Artists an invite over the coming weeks, so if you're able to make it, Wendy would love to introduce you during the talk. Wendy recently attended the annual CHEAD Conference,...  show more
Sweet Smell of Success
Really pleased with how my anatomically correct wax nose has turned out! Did the cast on Friday and then poured the melted wax straight in. Needs some tweeking but otherwise I almost wish I could keep it.  show more
Lino & embroidery
I've now produced 2 lino cuts of dry stone walls and 2 of hawthorn hedgerows. I'm printing them as a limited edition of 25 on white and 25 on soft white (cream) Somerset paper. At the end of March I spent 40 hours one week cutting a lino of a hawthorn tree at a larger scale than my previous cuts,...  show more
tests and trials
  More mezzotint experiments, this time with a larger plate and using A4 white computer printing paper. Thinking of using the most basic and familiar sort of paper (the most democratic? The least 'fine art' related?) which gave a less clear print, however the slight buckle in the paper as it dried was what i was after - planning to...  show more
A creative response to sharing a space...
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Breeze... Breathe...Ah to be second class...
It is always desheartening to be reminded that you are a second-class user in the college. After having used that wall for 3 months to realise a work that can only be placed there, after discussing with the student why this location is important for the work (the air flow is unique there), the student takes it over while I...  show more
Pumpkin Stands
At home in the studio, I have been working on the height, scale and design that I want for my stands with varying degrees of success. I started with screws, blue tac and garden wire first and then moved on to the wax. I now know the height and size of base I need. I think I may incorporate a...  show more
Current exhibition featuring work by Lorraine Cooke (AA2A Engage Member.)
Lorraine Cooke's work is currently on show at the vivacity 'Open exhibition 2019' at Peterborough Museum and Art Gallery. Vivacity 'Open exhibition' serves as a platform in recognising and promoting, showcasing and rewarding the best selection of visual art from across the UK. Exhibition details: Peterborough Museum, 29th March- 26th May.  Judges: Katherine Wood- Freelance Curator and Former Director of...  show more
A5 Magazine features the work of Lorraine Cooke.
Lorraine Cooke is delighted to announce another publication of her work this year. The current issue of A5 Magazine features Lorraine Cooke's latest work and is out now (March 2019.) A5 Magazine is an industry focused art magazine. The goal is to draw attention to self representing artists. To purchase your copy of the magazine please use the link below:...  show more
Chris. Dugrenier + Adrian Baynes - Studio Visit
13/03/2019 As part of the ‘AA2A Engage’ project, Chris. Dugrenier, Coventry University’s artist-in-residency, proposed a visit to the studio she shares with architect, designer and artist Adrian Baynes. Chris., Saffron and I all agreed this would be of great interest for many students, as it presented itself as an opportunity to pop outside the academia ‘bubble’ and discuss ideas, worries...  show more
Carborundum Course
I ran a carborundum printmaking Course at DMU showing fine art students how to make metal printing plates. We ran the course over two consecutive Wednesday afternoons, Making the plates on the first week and printing them on the secon. The results were amazing. The student feedback was good too.  show more
So Far...
Since my AA2A placement started a couple of months ago, I've been busy working towards my first show of the year, Made by Hand, which took place last weekend in Cheltenham.      Last year was my first winter working from the tiny shed in the garden after the long but satisfying job of repairing it and turning it into...  show more
Participatory Art Installation
    Last week, I set up a small participatory art installation in the Bessant Gallery, at the University of Wolverhampton, so that students, staff, and visitors can contribute to my current project #MultilingualWolverhampton.    Here are the four questions I've asked people:  - When and where was the last time you spoke/read/heard a language other than English? - What's...  show more
From printing press to blockchain
 I recently tokenized on the platform SuperRare a new piece of crypto art called Close, a limited-edition digital artwork tracked on the blockchain and that is held in an Ethereum wallet. The digital piece was developed from a dark-field monotype print I created in the print studios at Wolverhampton University, using their 19th century Columbian Press to print the piece. Original...  show more
Spatiality exhibition
I have installed some work in a joint exhibition at Oriel Mostyn In LLandudno this week, its in conjuction with an artists friend Theresa Taylor a recent participant in the AA2A scheme. Several of these works have been made while on the AA2A using equipment and technology at The University Of Chester Fine Art Dept. Some images of the show....  show more
Artist Talks & Workshops
I have had a busy few weeks at Bucks giving talks and meeting lots of new students. Last week i gave an Artists Practice Talk to the third year Product Design students. It was great to hear about their  final projects and plans for post uni. I look forward to seeing some of them at New Designers and at their...  show more
What's happening this month...
Wendy will be delivering our Self-employment talks this month at York St John (7th), University of Central Lancashire (14th) and Staffordshire (21st). We'll have sent or will be sending you an invite. If you're able to make it Wendy would love to introduce you during the talk.   Our 2nd Student Rep challenge is well underway, with Reps organising student...  show more
Getting going
As ever my ideas are huge and take a while to get solidified but I'm excited about what I'll be making later in the project. For now, thinking about materials I'm coming across in the studio...  show more
I spent several busy weeks in the jewellery workshop. These are some of the samples I created so far. All enamelled / fabricated copper.   Now I have to start thinking about turning them into finished pieces of jewellery. And I still have so many more ideas; and I made quite a few importand and exciting discoveries which I will...  show more
Productive week in the Jewellery department
A very productive week at the School of Creative Arts. On Tuesday I gave a talk about and around my practice to Jewellery students from years 1-3 of Design Crafts. On Thursday I supported the year 1 crafts students in the jewellery studio and delivered a workshop on settings (as in stone setting :))        show more
Take a walk with me...
Feeling good to be back in Chester, both exploring the canals but also back on campus. Since my last blog post I have been investigating ways in which people can re-connect to space and place, experiencing something in the present. I have been looking at the methods used in mindfulness and hope to invite students and staff from the University...  show more
I've been struggling to make work that I feel positive about, so I've made a painting about that. In the Kalevala, the Finnish epic saga I've been working with, bees provide the special elixir that brings things to life.  show more
ceramic impression of mobile phone camera lens  show more
The journey and where it has taken me.
Back last year in July i was looking at terminal illnesses through the microsope and how pretty the patterns were and the paradox of their beauty despite their destruction. I began the year wanting to recreate these patterns using waste plastic material left by students. I quickly came to realize the limitations this material had. Next i moved onto metals...  show more
A change in direction
So far I've been using the AA2A residency to work on creating a sequence of prints exploring a transition from presence to absence through gradual darkening of overlapping marks.  Having created three small sequence which I'm proud of I decided to try upping the scale of the etching plates I'm working on and began working into a 28 x 48...  show more
My Recent Activities - 2
Following Top Drawer, I have returned to BUCKS in the past month to create new sculptures . I experimented with different materials including paper, perspex, fabric, and leather. I love experimentation- it is the most fullfing and fun activity for me.  show more
My Recent Activities
Since the beginning of November, I have been a frequent visitor to BUCKS New University. I have really enjoyed using their excellent facilities and engaging with the friendly staff. The creative atmosphere really helped me to prepare for my first major trade exhibition 'Top Drawer' which was held at Olympia in London in January. During the months of November and...  show more
Getting ideas out of the head...
The process of making your ideas a reality is always a fraught one. It is always so much better in your head... Today, I attempted this, taking baby steps by using small scale to map out and test out some means to represent the physical spaces that I have thus far only created in words. The challenge is in not...  show more