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First Week of Residency

November 7, 2013 by Scarlett Stewart   Comments (0)

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This is the first week that I have started at Harrogate Art College as an Artist in residence, and I am really looking forward to start my projects. Hopefully I should have produced many screen printing practice examples by tomorrow!

And it starts here ...

November 6, 2013 by Amy Mountney   Comments (0)

Feeling very excited about proposing my research pathway to Chelmsford College on Friday, and strating my residency!

First week. Travelled to Lancaster. Commuted to Preston. Overhearings and moments

November 6, 2013 by Nancy J Clemance   Comments (0)

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Daytime sparkle is back. Chamois leather. Get straight into it. That proportion is really right. The papers are saying the spiders are biting people.10.30Library, security, magda print room ,Kay textile room, material design print machine, embroidery machine, 3rd floor fashion 12-1pm reading two books. Can you do American? Daniel Buren 8.7 cm apart. 4.5hrs. Listened to the water and magda instructing students. Met Tracy, met Jan. listened to photography seminar. Read Conceptual Art on fashion floor for one hour. Complemented one student re her scarf and later smiled at another studentLunch. Salad noisy busy peoplesea. Have a banana.david Henkel. Beer. Quiet Room Unquiet. Mutanabbi Street. Stung by a bee on an acupuncture point. Researched artists' work. Glasgow train 5hrs. Harris Museum. Veiling. Parianware. Rafael's monti.lowry Wilhelmina barbs graham Paul Nash sea as geometric. Bernardino Fungai colours. Luis egidio Melendez lemon and nuts. Henri fantin latour flowers. George Gower. Paul Shakeshaft.cimon and pero, suckling story. Ansel Adams. Nauman February-may2014. Lancashire cheese. Waitress. Rain. Punctuation. Library. Audrey. 6hrs 2 Nepalese men installed the sofa. Photography books. Writing course award.sitting on the floor reading photog books library 1st floor.geoff dyer the ongoing moment. I can totally catch a duck and a swan in a cage can't I? Walker Evans my old friend. Photocopying. Drawing in the Museum. Water. Paula Rego The Writer. Portuguese.'I want them to work biff-bang.' Martin mcdonagh. Central at martins what's the point of art school may 2013 7.5hrs basically it's just like trying to tidy it all up inside. 23 hours total research.


November 4, 2013 by Jared Szpakowski   Comments (0)

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I had a workshop induction today for this residency, this is a real one - not a pretend one. I’m back at Salford and although I graduated about 5 years ago it doesn’t feel like a step back at all. During my first stint there I built up a confidence in my work, I think, due to the luxury of resources free and available for you to use. The better and more extensive the facilities are the broader the possibilities in your ideas are. 

© IMAGE Jared Szpakowski 2013 All rights reserved. See first post for full permissions


Textile Experiments

November 4, 2013 by Kayleigh Hill   Comments (0)

So glad to be back in the textile workshop today! I have begun work on a new balaclava proto-type which I am excited to get people interacting with. I have recently questioned how I invite people to connect with each other and the prop without people feeling too uncomfortable. 

I started creating a 'detatchable balaclava' which allows people to fasten themselves or become isolated from each other. Another day in the workshop tomorrow and I think it will be finished...

Laying a trail v. connecting points

November 3, 2013 by Gabrielle Hoad   Comments (0)

Drawing freehand with pencil on paper is clearly different to creating digital drawings from data in many ways, but what most interests me is the contrast that Tim Ingold describes in relation to line-making between 'the trace of a gesture' and 'an assembly of point-to-point connectors' (2007: 74-75). I've taken the opportunity to attend the college's life class to re-explore representational drawing with this contrast in mind.

Ingold, T. (2007) Lines: A Brief History London: Routledge


November 1, 2013 by Kathryn Poole   Comments (0)

I am a 3rd year Drawing and Image making student interested in natural history, science, bookmaking and print. I specialize in printmaking, drawing and bookmaking. 

I have also started a small press wth 2 others friends, called Old Bear Press, we regularly sell and exhibit at Artist's Book fairs.

My personal blog is kathrynpoole@tumblr.com



Dwellers on the River

October 31, 2013 by Leila Houston   Comments (0)

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here is some of the work i created at the salon ec arts, Leicester  https://vimeo.com/78196665  'Dwellers on the River' thankyou to all that came and showed their support


October 30, 2013 by Kayleigh Hill   Comments (0)

Take a look at my new album for my 'pop-up balaclava' installation. I will upload any photos I receieve from participators at the Royal William Yard, so keep checking!

"What am I doing here?"

October 30, 2013 by Thomas Cuthbertson   Comments (0)

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I have joined the AA2A scheme to fufil a new project, to make an animated film adapted from an illustrated story by Nathan Baxter (a fellow AA2A artist in Lincoln). As the story goes, a Cosmonaut is plummets to Earth following a failed attempt to make contact with singing stars. His survival is tested by the blistering weather conditions on the barren Earth he has returned to. Does anyone on Earth know what is going on?

Follow all the posts and pictures as the project rolls on here!