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Drawing as a parallel activity

November 18, 2013 by Gabrielle Hoad   Comments (0)

A second visit to life class is a chance to think about serial and parallel processes in image making, with reference to an essay by the mathematician and philosopher Brian Rotman. He points out that, even though an image is read by sequential eye movements, its parts are perceived simultaneously as a whole or in 'parallel' (2000: 58).

By contrast, the process of drawing might appear to be serial (look, make mark, look again, make another mark). But, in fact, freehand observational drawing isn't a simple matter of conveying bits of what you see one by one onto paper. A good mark is usually made in relation to the whole subject (using a kind of peripheral vision) and in the context of the whole set of other marks already made. So although it is transferred to the paper in serial actions, the thought processes of an observational drawing are often parallel in nature.
Rotman, B (2000) 'Going Parallel' in SubStance #91 pp56-79

Getting interactive...

November 15, 2013 by Kayleigh Hill   Comments (1)

I had an exciting meeting this morning with a couple of Interactive Design students at University of Plymouth about turning my conjoined balaclava into a wearable piece of technology...

Talks of motion sensors to indicate personal space and linking up a live feed of the wearer's experience were just a few ideas brought up today.


Wood Workshop Induction

November 14, 2013 by Jane Domingos   Comments (0)

FInally managed to attend a wood workshop induction last Wednesday. This means I can now start using the workshop to build stretchers. The workshop is very well organised and labelled. The standard DMU stretcher construction differs from that taught at my previous uni and the equipment is different so I will now attend a 'canvas workshop' to learn how DMU do it. I'm excited at the opportunity to learn some new skills.


November 13, 2013 by Kathryn Poole   Comments (0)

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Blackbird stone

Etching the stone didn't go so well. I think that I used the wrong kind of solvent while taking out the pigment after gumming the stone. We used acetone but I think because it is a water based solvent it will have moved the gum and the grease all over the image. So when I use the asphaltum on it some areas were completely muddied and some just washed away.

Slightly disappointing, but I suppose I have learnt more than if it worked.

this week and the new project

November 13, 2013 by Leila Houston   Comments (0)

Met some lovely student sharing the space this week, so nice to talk and chat. loving the two Italian girls work who are doing there internship- they are using techniques I’ve never seen before! Interesting stuff. 

its becoming clear i may have to learn chain saw wood and learn to wood carve for my next installation as i wish make disk facing,  (cone shaped to the side) as part of a video installation. 

Already have the video in mind for the projection. 

Really want to get on top of the idea but facing problems.

practiced with card but think i need to practice with sheets of wood now, card did not work yesterday- infact it failed pretty bad- on wards and up wards- it is a new project bound to happen!

popping in to wood work at 2 before i get interviewed at 3.30 at LCB. but not before i finish this lemsip cough cough    


Getting going...

November 11, 2013 by James Watts   Comments (0)

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I should probably post something about what I've been up to...

Now I'm properly set up within northumbria, there are sound making artefacts under construction, with images to follow soon, and a vocal collaboration/performance on the 21st (which I will have recordings of which may develop into a separate piece in their own right). In the meantime, here is a recording of a vocal performance I did recently.


Tea & Cake!

November 10, 2013 by Kayleigh Hill   Comments (0)

Friday was a really lovely opportunity to meet some of the Fine Art students based at the Royal William Yard, University of Plymouth. It was the take down of the AA2A Welcome show, so we all got together for tea and cake and have a natter about the work. I was happy to see people interacting with my balaclava (including twins!!!) and even managed to test run a new balaclava I had been working on at the beginning of the week.

Check out my album 'Pop-up Balaclava' to see some of the images I received from participators, as well as photos taken at the take down on Friday.

Litho stone

November 7, 2013 by Kathryn Poole   Comments (0)

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I have been working with last years AA2A artist, Leighton Bohl, on lithography. I usually stipple my drawings straight onto paper but we have done some experiments on zinc which worked so we are now trying on stone. I'm currently waiting for the gum arabic to properly dry and then I will take the ink out, aspheltum it and hopefully there will be an image there for me to print.


First Week of Residency

November 7, 2013 by Scarlett Stewart   Comments (0)

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This is the first week that I have started at Harrogate Art College as an Artist in residence, and I am really looking forward to start my projects. Hopefully I should have produced many screen printing practice examples by tomorrow!