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back to basics

December 10, 2013 by Susan Francis   Comments (1)

Normally my practice moves between installation, object and video with more of a focus on video at the moment. I wanted specifically to use this opportunity to work with techniques that are just impossible in my normal studio environment, and so I decided to begin with etching. I absolutely love the stepped process of etching and was surprised to see it has somewhat fallen out of favour amongst students in general.

Much of my current work involves online scams and chat room conversations and I am interested to bring these rather questionable words and phrases off the computer screen and into what is the very tactile and 'old school' process of etching. There is something really resonant about the process of the acid biting away at these, at times uncomfortable, words and phrases. So - time for some experimenting.






Our first AA2A introductory meeting for 2013/14

December 10, 2013 by Coventry University   Comments (0)

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Today we held our first AA2A meeting where the artists met our two AA2A student reps. Our artists discussed their current projects and how they are using the scheme to keep up their practice. Two out of the four artists were unable to attend and so we he hope to cover ground in our next meeting. We have decided to meet on a monthly basis to keep ourselves up to date on any project developments and opportunties for students. This will then provide a forum for artists to provide us with any feedback.

We discussed ways in which we could engage students and encourage them to attend our artists' AA2A talks which we are hoping to arrange within the first two weeks of second term.

We also discussed ways in which artists could involve students by organising studio visits and off site projects.  We have also agreed that using our student portal, Moodle, would be the best way to get messages out to students. We would also like to incorporate our facebook and twitter accounts, but recognise that these should not be used exclusively. We also have a featured article about AA2A on our website:


Student reps were also informed of the importance of blogging and sharing best practice with others, making the most of their position as an AA2A student rep for Coventry University. Not only are they given the chance to network with other artists and student reps via the dotbiz networking site, but they also get to think reflectively about their work and how they can take advantage of the AA2A scheme. This is a great opportunity for students and one which we hope to promote to others.

Reps and artists seemed keen and excited to work together - so far so good!

Live feed

December 10, 2013 by Kayleigh Hill   Comments (0)

We are making progress at getting a live feed from inside of the balaclavas! Very exciting and can't wait to have a demonstration...


December 7, 2013 by James Watts   Comments (0)



Well worth a watch. Sound generating sculptures.


December 5, 2013 by AA2A Georgia Rodger   Comments (0)

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Hi AA2A artists and students

We're pleased to announce voting for the favourite artists of 2013-14 is open!  This is a great way for us to raise the profile of the scheme, involve students and get more exposure for this website.  On every artist's profile there is a link to 'vote for this artist'. 

There's a public vote too - for your peers, lecturers, college staff, students from non-AA2A colleges and any other fans!

Here's a link to go directly to the AA2A Voting Page

The winning artists of the public vote and the student vote will both be promoted on our websites, facebook and twitter pages and may have the opportunity to have their project featured in London at the AA2A Briefing Day. Click here to see previous Featured Artists

It's fantastic to see interaction between the artists and student reps who've joined us on Dotbiz in the last couple of week, so big thanks to them and all the dotbiz users who've been posting and uploading.  Dont' forget if you have any trouble using the site, we have training to help you: http://www.aa2a.org/artists_menu/training

Best wishes


Getting started with ideas!

December 2, 2013 by Anna Krystyna Casey   Comments (0)

This week has mainly been about research and planning; deciding the best plan of action for my project. I have met with the technical staff at Derby Uni., who are absolutely fab!! I will be starting to get messy with actual making next week, starting with some small simple clay moulds.  Once I get a feel for how they are working, I will play about with different methods of making the moulds.

I will use the moulds I create for slumping my glass onto. I want to achieve texture and movement in my glass, to emphasise the crocheted wire fabric which is trapped within.  I’ll be using my Pinterest board as an online sketchbook: http://www.pinterest.com/annakrystyna/aa2a-project/.

My research this week has been two-fold., I got lost in the library for a few hours. When I was a student I loved doing this, and always came out inspired, so it was great to get back in the stacks! I also went out to the Harley Gallery: if you don’t know it, it’s well worth the trip. This week was their Christmas Market. I had a lot of friends exhibiting there, but also got to see some work new to me. I was particularly taken with the work of Polly & Garry Uttley. Their beautiful wall panels mimic fabric, in this case intricate and detailed Indian textiles, capturing the surface texture and the movement in a solid form. At first glance, they are easily mistaken for fabric until closer inspection. I don’t aim to go quite this far with my glass, I am more concerned with the qualities and shapes rather than the details.  However the shapes and compositions were very inspiring, and it was great to see clay used in this way!


Books on Tyne Festival

November 30, 2013 by Theresa Easton   Comments (0)

I am a printmaker based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. I trained in Printmaking at the University of East London and completed an MA in Glass at Sunderland University.


Artist’s Books provide a platform for my printmaking skills and the opportunity to develop on-going projects.   The books on display in the glass cabinets at Newcastle city Library present a collection of quotes and paraphrases, taken from handwritten responses from the public and are reconfigured into a series of ‘artist’s books’.  The work is an emotive exploration of historical, social and politically driven forms of printed material, referencing the North East’s rich tradition in commercial printing. Broadsides and Broadsheets historically were single sheets of paper printed on one side with either ballads, announcing events, proclamations or advertisements, often pinned in taverns and cottages.

Specially designed for the Books on Tyne, Newcastle’s Mini Book Festival, these concertina style books respond to the growing discontent in the North East to the national austerity measures imposed on sections of the community by the current government.  Quotes and paraphrase’s, rants and reminiscence by members of the public are captured and reformed into hard copies and printed using tradition wooden type. FREE drop-in Chap Map Book workshop with Saturday 30th November 12-2pm.


Based in the Ouseburn Valley, the cultural quarter of Newcastle, I deliver regular workshops in printmaking & bookmaking. 

The next workshop 8th December 2013 10-4pm @£55 (including all materials).  To book your place, contact Theresa Easton directly.  Details below.

Ouseburn Warehouse Studios & Workshops, 36 Lime Street, Ouseburn Valley, Newcastle NE1 2PQ


theresa_easton@yahoo.co.uk    07981381830  http://theresaeaston.wordpress.com


November 28, 2013 by Ruth Hamblett   Comments (0)

Was not too sure how to receive the news that although have been very successful as a student blogger would no longer be able to post any more reviews about own practice or the new AA2AArtists at the univeristy. As had found these myself and have not manage to find the new student reps to engage with and pass on my experience and hope that they could benefit form all this  wealth of skills and epertise oh well I supose it is time that my fat lady started to sing and at least I have all this on my own artist CV, I  got chosen as picture of the week and totally enjoyed my years experience of being student rep blogger and noone can take that away from me and has only made my art practice stronger and want to thank Coventry University for chosing me and for AA2A Website for the opportunity to blogg. I hope that one day I might be invited back as AA2Artist myself and keep looking out for my art out there and help me achieve my dream of finally selling my art work.

Pen Museum

November 28, 2013 by Jonathan Wilkes   Comments (3)

I am currently organising a group exhibition for three days at the Pen Museum in Birmingham, as part of Museums at Night. We will temporarily become part of the museum intertwining amongst the exhibits, with over ten artists covering performance art, video, live ink making, sculpture, writing and drawing. I am writing up a proposal for a grant from the Arts council, then I can make something.



My First Oscillator...

November 25, 2013 by James Watts   Comments (0)

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I put together an oscillator today. It makes some fairly harsh droney sounds - which is always satisfying. The circuit will form the basis of some kind of group instrument/installation in the near future...

It sounds like this: