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New Year - New Work

January 22, 2010 by Andrew Dalton   Comments (0)

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Finished a whole load of editioning before xmas. Old work that I'd not proofed before. It was good way to get it out of my system and get my hand back in again. Made some new small works recently but nothing that really gave me a buzz. Been trying the work out a process that will allow me to work on a large scale but also let me realise image with immediacy. I like the woodcut process using plywood as it's got a rough edge to it which is unpredictable and allows for a degree of randomness in the images, but on a large scale it's incredibly time consuming and I'm finging it hard to get the work out.

A friend suggested using lino, but not the old linoleum, the vinyl type. Made a work last week and I'm really excited about its possibilities. Its quick to work and cutting with a stanley allows me to retain that carved quality that I enjoy in wood cuts. Got a couple more pieces to work on this week, and see where it takes me.

Potentially I can see it allowing me to make large scale composite images. I'll get some photos on friday.

Something different for the new year

January 20, 2010 by Andi Chapple   Comments (0)

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I want to work on a set of compositions abstracted from the patterns of dry-stone walls in the fields around where I live. I hope I can work towards some nice 'come to Sedbergh' poster designs from it - Sedbergh, where I live, needs a steady stream of tourists visiting ... This is the first version of one of the compositions:

'6904 v 1', 2009

You will notice that the register is off, ink has bled under the stencil on the black, and so on - it was a test piece when I was re-learning how to screenprint to get ready for this placement.

I had already done the basic composition on the computer, sad to say. I spent half the day working out colour combinations to try, making notes, etc.:

notes and paint charts

I am enjoying filling notebooks with mad scribbles - it's not my usual way of working, but I hope I keep on with it after this scheme has finished.

I began printing in the afternoon, and got the first colour down for both compositions. As you can see, these prints won't all be green ...

'6806 v2' first colour

first time post

January 13, 2010 by June Baker   Comments (0)

Hello everyone, as this is my first post, I am only really saying hello, but I will be back later to update you.  Things are just so hectic at the moment.

Bye for now.    June

Brickworks next

January 11, 2010 by Christine Hurford   Comments (1)

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The  brickclay  is  wonderful  to  work  with,  gritty  and  grey,  dries  quickly  and  has  little  shrinkage,  I  cannot  believe  my  luck.

I  have  made  over  100  small  bricks  that  I  hope  to  join  with  nuts  and  bolts.  I  put  this  picture  in  the  image  section  but  it  did  not  appear  and  now  the  titles  are  a  bit  out.  If  you  look  at  the  images,  just  enjoy  them,  if  they  please  you  that's  good,  I  will  sort  out  the  "how  to  do"  at  some  stage,  I  feel  I  am  making  a  real  meal  of  this,  anyone  feel  the  same?  In  the  end,  a  title  could  be  for  anything  so  not to  worry!

I  am  hoping  to  get  into  Uni  soon  when  our  lane  is  clear  of  snow,  desperate  to  make  new  and  odd  shaped  moulds.   

Brickworks and Other Things

January 7, 2010 by Christine Hurford   Comments (1)

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I  do  not  usually  read  blogs  so  I  do  not  expect  anyone  to  read  this!  Anyway,  hello  if  you  do  and  I  hope  you  have  a  successful  year.

I  live  on  the  edge  of  the  Lake  District  and  was  accepted  to  work  at  the  University  of  Cumbria,  mainly  in  the  ceramics  department.  I  wanted  to  look  at  different  surfaces  and  continue  work  with  bricks.

I  found  a  brickworks  that  would  sell  me  the  raw  stuff - in  bags  of  about  10kg  if  I  collected  it  myself.  I  said  I  could  get  10  bags  in  my  small  car  and  set  off  for  the  south  lakes.  My  pile  was  in  the  corner  of  the small  brickworks  but  when  I  tried  to  lift  the  first  of  the  ten  bags  I  could  not  move  it.  With  help  I  arranged  the  bags  around  the  car  and  set  off  up and  down  the  hills.  When  I  got  home  I  weighed  the  bags  and  found  each  was  about  30kg  so  I  had  300kg  of  lovely  grey  brick clay  for  £45.

The  university  has  been  great,  good  facilities  and  space  for  me  in  the  centre  of  the  dept -  two  tables  and  shelving,  I  didn't  get  any  more  when  I  was  in  the  last  year  of the degree  in  London.

Can't  see  how  to  get  one  image  as  the  album  cover,  never  mind,  I  will  work  it  out  sometime,  back  to  work ...

Bath College experiences so far......

January 6, 2010 by Anne Deeming   Comments (0)

Well, it's a relief that all that xmas type stuff is over and done with and the colleges are open again, snow permitting of course!

Gradually getting to grips with how things work at Bath college, everyone very helpful so far, had a printroom induction, It induction, the materials expense allowance has come through so no excuses not to be in there getting on with some work really. For me I think it's always a bit daunting to start making work in a new place, I don't know about anyone else, and it does seem to take me sometime to get settled in. Also I've just moved into a new studio space so all is changing.....

new year

January 5, 2010 by Nora Kennally   Comments (0)

I had a really good time in the jewellery workshop in the first few weeks, I have done loads of test pieces and enjoyed that kind of time to just explore. Its very quiet down there on Mondays so I am looking forward to the lecture for some feedback etc. I am not very good at blogging, as it feels like writing a diary which I never do, I use my sketchbooks to record my thoughts. I am up loading my latest drawings etc for the project, I am calling it 'Field Studies'

Happy new year!

January 4, 2010 by Martin Pick   Comments (0)

A new year, a new decade and new projects to start...

The Doncaster University Centre site, at high Melton, is a great mix of church architecture which started out in 1153 it also has a medieval tower and a succession of modern additions which seem to range from the late 40’s to the present day.  I spent a couple of days photographing the site over Christmas and have posted them in a new album.  The strange contrasts in the scale of the site captured my imagination; this together with references to the conflict in Afghanistan and the ‘unreality’ of modern warfare led me to the idea of model solders and the lingering question of what is real.  The result is a developing project ‘on being plastic’.  First images are posted in yet another album.

I can recommend the exhibition ‘Angels of Anarchy: Women Artists and Surrealism’ which is on at the Manchester Art Gallery until the 10th of January (not much time left to see it I’m afraid).  A stunning show with some great photographs by Lee Miller.

The Graves Art Gallery in Sheffield has a show of Robert Mapplethorpe’s work.  Brilliant portraits with remarkable detail in the eyes exhibited together with some of his more unsettling fetish images.  This one is on till the 27th March and is a must see for local photographers.  Running alongside it is an exhibition ‘Comedians: From the 1940s to Now’.  Don’t miss it.  The quality of the early black and white images is breath taking and the Bill Brandt image of Peter Sellers is for me the pick of an excellent show.

Halfway through the scheme

December 30, 2009 by Andi Chapple   Comments (0)

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This session was the last one before everything stops for Christmas and the New Year. I stop, anyway - I'm worn out by the end of the year. I spent the time finishing the prints with overlapping yellow circles that I had started the time before this.

Three yellow circles

Halfway through I made the paint a little more orangey as it was getting hard to see the three circles on top of one another. For some of the last prints I put the third colour on as an all-over layer, which the eye and brain instantly converted to the background.

All-over third layer

Do let me know if you're worried by how exciting this is getting and I'll try and tone it down.

I hope everyone has had the kind of Christmas they wished for, and very best wishes for the New Year.


December 19, 2009 by Helen Dearnley   Comments (0)

I have been working steadily and collating thoughts and ideas since I began. In November I exhibited some previous work from The Unreal God exhibition in the form of a banner at A-ha's O2 gig in London. Whilst travelling there I spent my time on the train sticking stills printed out from The Unreal God comic into my sketchbook, and adding quotes from Alice In Wonderland to see how that would work.

I felt that reading Alice In Wonderland on the Tube was most fitting!

Aside from the success of the banner exhibition (Magne of course loved it!) and the existential possibilities of wandering around London wearing a t-shirt depicting my work, I serendipitously chanced upon some intriguing inspiration for Alice In Wonderland. 

This image uploader seems very convoluted, so I won't post pics, but I accidentally came across some Barry Flanagan sculptures "Mirror Nijinsky" whilst looking for a comics exhibition on the way to the Mall Galleries, and in the free paper I read on the train home, there was an article about Tove Janssen's latest book, something about a rabbit house in a village set in Norway - how apt.

I've been researching Jonas Bjerre animations, and discussed my plans in depth, and I now feel that the juxtaposition of A-ha's Take On Me video with Alice In Wonderland is very timely (A-ha are retiring next year with a final World tour)...

I've been working on a storyboard for this, but won't get in to Uni to start working on it until the New Year now. Merry Christmas!