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Tools and keys - first meeting in October

November 7, 2009 by David Symons   Comments (0)

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19th October 2009

Met with the other artists today and had a tour of the college facilities and staff. Some students were hanging around and it was great to meet some of them too. Feel slightly overwhelmed with the possibility of so much potential. Also feel very lucky and privileged to be given a chance like this to make some art work and connect with other artists and discuss art.

What is quite strange is that this art college looks exactly the same as the college that I attended in a previous century. The differences are that the rooms are more cramped and there are more students and they are more indebt than even the heaviest drinkers of my generation.

To discuss art!

This is something I always didn’t do whilst in college, in pubs or in any situation. I’m not sure why this is?  Maybe I needed a break from thinking about it. Maybe others didnt find it interesting. Does anyone ever talk about art?

Anyway, Im looking forward to finding out if this new generation of art students talk about art, and to find out what they know, and perhaps, for me, to remember what I know too.

Settling In

November 5, 2009 by Aidan Moesby   Comments (0)

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The drive over was glorious, one of those crisp autumnal mornings, sunshine instead of fog or rain or just the dreekness that can hang over the length of the Roman Wall for days on end. It was a bit like being the new boy and the first day at school. Finding the lay of the land. The where's where and what's what. The campuses for instance are distributed across Carlisle - Print in one place, library in another etc etc. After a briefest of introductions it was into the full tilt boogie of getting down to printing. 

I am a bit unfocussed - or should i say i tend to have a couple of things on the go and drift between them. I was amazed at the ability of a screen to reproduce in the detail of an almost Rotoring Pen thin nib - which was a happy accident - and doubly so because i then went to put it into the group exhibition i am showing in - curated by Arcadea - in Tyneside. I also got straight into the letterpress. 

A couple of first years came in, asked what I was doing and there seems to be some confusion over AA2A and the Arts Access course - which i am assured is for "Older" people and once more just incase i missed it "Mature" students. I guess when I was 'young' people my age seemed Old - or like they were from a different world (not!).

Exhibition in Chicago

November 4, 2009 by Jaqueline Cooley   Comments (0)

Off to Chicago today. Exhibition at the British Consulate on Friday evening.

Worked in the glass dept. for most of last week, getting work made. It's great to be back!

Will post images when I return next week.

Rolling up sleeves

November 2, 2009 by Andi Chapple   Comments (0)

I'll try and keep this short as the previous post seems to have been truncated. Second week in, and working towards some compositions becomes more like work.

sketch screenprints for 'close' composition

I took the semi-random arrangements of shapes I printed last week and identified three possible compositions - one with the shapes close together (above) and one with shapes more distant and another with the upper shape taking up more space (below).

more of Andi's sketch screenprints

Then I worked on the 'distant' arrangement, trying some colours suggested by sere winter grass on the hills at home and dark clouds above them ...

work on the 'distant' composition

I need to work on the colours next!

first steps

November 2, 2009 by Nora Kennally   Comments (1)

trying to be organised... so I have written myself a guide

Jewellery project October 2009

- Research ideas–

1.      the qualities that the relationships between jewellery and wearer suggest

2.      close physical, personal and emotional association

3.      a place on the body, protection, decoration, a hidden content, status

4.      people and their emotional and sensorial interaction with a piece of jewellery/piece of art

- Source material -

landscape, nature and history –  the people there (place)

1.  for example estate maps, local history, land use, discarded materials flints and pottery

2.  colour and texture, layers

- Development –

a new collection of jewellery/objects through

1.      drawing and visual research,

2.    technical development and materials research.

3.      new ways of approaching my making and recording my results through technical investigation, including looking at the significance of materials and form

4.      production techniques and assessing the results.

5.      different combinations and positions of elements within an idea

6.      scale – larger scale pieces with potential for more commercial ideas/elements

7.      responding to the nature of the materials and design problems.

time to play and explore -

October 30, 2009 by Sally Robinson   Comments (0)

Well this is a first for me, never done a blog before!! Just been into Falmouth for my first play with glass and lining up lots of ideas for work with plastics and textiles print. Feels a bit like being in a sweety shop - so much to try.

Got a clear idea though on what I want to explore. I work across 2D 3D visualising emotion and playing with colour. My 3D work so far has been with coloured acetates and the great facilities mean I can explore developing these further in glass and plastics.

Also discovered the research work being done on digital production technologies and keen to find out more.

So, I think I have got past the initial nervous bit and now keen to make the most of the time I have to follow my initial ideas and open up other possibilities - everyone really freindly and helpful thanks for this 

Work links

October 30, 2009 by Ruth O Sullivan   Comments (0)

For current work blog 'The Travels of Sir Joseph Banks' (Arts Council England) please see:


Alice In Wonderland

October 27, 2009 by Helen Dearnley   Comments (1)

I've been accepted onto the AA2A scheme, and plan to use the time to create a body of work on the theme of Alice In Wonderland for a proposed exhibition in March 2010 to coincide with the Tim Burton film due for release at that time. This is for the Lincoln Artist's Network, a group I set up for undergraduates and graduates of Lincoln University, funded by Enterprise Inc at Sparkhouse Studios at the UL.

This will involve dolls, and/or animation to follow on from previous work. I hope not to follow too closely the version by Jan Svankmayer, but instead will incorporate something more contemporary. The theme of Alice In Wonderland is a Simulacrum worth exploring and I hope to add a visual commentary on the traditional elements and reconstruct a narrative within it that draws on contemporary issues and relative philosophical discourse. For instance, references to Alice In Wonderland appear in the film The Matrix, so I hope to look at where that's relevant, and perhaps to introduce additional elements, for instance, what happens if Alice meets The Lady of Shalott? Or what if I were the protagonist? Or my Dad?

I noted that Through The Looking Glass was dated Nov 4th - that was the day I got married and spent 6 years in a wonderland of my ex husband's creation, so I may decide to include that somewhere.... on Nov 4th 2009 I am due to see A-ha live at the 02 and will exhibit some work from The Unreal God And Aspects Of His Non-Existent Universe, so this could form a point of departure from which to begin the new body of work.

I'm going in for my first AA2A meeting at Greestone tomorrow. As a lone parent and recent graduate I've been itching to create some form of animation since graduating, but not only have I not had sufficient income, I have to balance being a (lone) parent with work, and at the moment, parental demands are taking over. I look forward to getting out of my studio space at home and escaping the distractions that stop me from creating anything remotely useful, and having the time, resources and space to actually create work. 

The first hurdle.....

October 27, 2009 by Marie Roberts   Comments (1)

I was so delighted to be given this opportunity, and had no shortage of what I thought were fabulous ideas, that was the first hurdle, or so I thought. BUT - suddenly I have an attack of 'it's been so long since I did this where the hell do I begin'. Anyone else feeling nervous about their starting point?

First day on site

October 26, 2009 by Andi Chapple   Comments (0)

I took the train down to Lancaster with some nervousness and a great deal of excitement. I've never spent any time in an art college and I was interested, to say the least, to see how things went. Of course, everyone was welcoming and helpful, and I spent a great day getting under way and listening to the high wind off Morecambe Bay - the college is perched on a hill and the print room has lots of chimney-like exhausts and extractors for the wind to play in.

The print room is very well set up for printing ...

University of Cumbria Lancaster printroom

And washing up afterwards ...

University of Cumbria Lancaster printroom

and has lots of blank screens and empty print racks just waiting for me to get on with it.

University of Cumbria Lancaster printroom