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February 3, 2010 by AA2A Georgia Rodger   Comments (0)

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Hi AA2A artists,

Wow, i'm continuously impressed with how popular this site has become - it is a pleasure to read your blogs and keep up to date with you image albums - I really hope you are letting people know about it.  The only downside is that my help blogs keep getting bumped off the latest blogs! So, if you want to read last weeks blog about 'Students on AA2A.biz' follow this link AA2A help blogs 

This weeks dotbiz tip is related to the exhibitions listings:

-  Please could you make sure that your name is mentioned when you put up info about your exhibition - it would make the exhibitions so much easier to follow if artists names are either included in the title or in the text (in bold if possible) 

If you haven't yet looked at the exhibitions listed on the site follow this link AA2A exhibitions

Best wishes,




February 3, 2010 by Aidan Moesby   Comments (0)

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So i like words. I pick up phrases. I'm also pretty obsessed by relationships. How they start, are conducted, how they finish. I remember this phrase but I'm not sure any one uses it - but it is still a cliche.


February 3, 2010 by Aidan Moesby   Comments (0)

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When I took this on I was firm in my mind that it was letterpress and text all the way. However, the more time i spend in the print room the more my head heads turned by other processes and presses. I still return to the letterpress as is seen in this...

This is not to shock but it is a play on words and i like the 'Nothing' versus 'All' conflict.


I have tried my hand with the embossing, both with the letterpress and the embossing press. I think braille, and the sign language alphabet are going to require further research.


This image doesn't really do it justice, or maybe i'm biased. Then finally there is the screenprint and i can see how i have improved.


I can see here how i smudged, how it bled. I have improved my ability to tape up the screens. And i have become more consistant at my pulling the ink over the screen. But i still have a very long way to go to become a good printer.

A Little More Slippage

February 3, 2010 by Aidan Moesby   Comments (0)


The end of last year was pretty much lost for one reason or another. You take on something like AA2A with all the best intentions, and then...reality. Basically that meant not being able to get to Carlisle - well it is 90 minutes away by car. Then in the new year i was snowed in and...ra de ra de rah.. as they say in New Zealand. So by the time i got back to Carlisle January was in full swing and February was looming large. Since then however things have been going better. I wonder for how many other people life and stuff gets in the way. Not just for AA2A but on other projects. With only a couple more months to go i am going to have to fit work in - paid work - that puts food on the table and Snow Tyres on the car - and still do justice to the print room.

Further Adventures in Vinyl...

February 1, 2010 by Andrew Dalton   Comments (0)

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Worked on two new pieces on Friday. I was pleased and surprised by the 'classical' feel that this figure evoked.

I'm trying to push the vinyl lino cutting a bit further. I managed to calm down a bit after getting over ecited about the process last week and solved some of the registration issues, caused because the vinyl foam stretches as its is compressed by the press. Both these images aligned well after a little adjustment with a big spanner.

I'm going to work on a full length figure this week, and I'm also playing with the idea of printing onto acrylic sheet or a thin metal surface like aluminium. Mmmm.

Bricks in the shop

January 29, 2010 by Christine Hurford   Comments (0)

I  tried  to  get  a  picture  of  some  bricks  onto  my  album  and  it  does  not  want  to  go,  other  pictures  go  in  and  now  they  are  mixed  up!  What  fun,  look  but  do  not  read  the  captions.

I  am  getting  ready  to  move  into  an  empty  shop  in  Penrith  and  at  the  moment  rather  daunted  by  the  amount  of  things  that  will  have  to  go.  It  is  literally  an  empty  shop.  I  am  having  one  part  for  exhibition  and  the  other  to  work  in - making  bricks  that  will  form  enclosures,  not  with  mortar  but  with  other  things  such  as  wire,  bolts, string  and  sand.  They  will  be  small  buildings  that  can  be  taken  apart,  they  will  trap  but  not  permanently,  there  will  be  a  way  out.  I  am  feeling  a  bit  aprehensive,  on  show  in  the  centre  of  Penrith,  but  open  studios  in  the  past  have  been  good  and  produce  interesting  comments  on  the  work  which  is  what  I  like.

best  wishes  to  all  for  your  work.  At  the  uni  of  Cumbria  we  met  for  lunch  which  was  good  and  put  faces  to  names. 


Update on the mantlepiece sculptures...

January 29, 2010 by Andy Parsons   Comments (0)

Simon Raines has been working hard on creating the moulds and has updated me with a load of pictures of work in progress. Here's how he described the work to date .... there has been a bit of prep work that needs doing to the figures. The figures have dried out a bit in the office, so a few cracks and rips have appeared. I've filled these and then primed  them in an attempt to seal the clay material, this took a few days, but seems to have worked. Both figures have big rods  stuck up their bums, and have taken on a rather odd character at the moment. I have built one casting flask so far for one the figures, and that figure went under rubber today, this will be left overnight to set, and all being well, will be cut out tomorrow, I will then have an good idea if we can cast that figure and start on the 2nd....

Check out the pictures in the new folder...

Chelsea I.D CARD

January 26, 2010 by Joyce Addai-Davis   Comments (0)

Thanks to Amanda, today I got my I.D card I'm no longer an illegal immigrant at Chelsea I have officially started!

I spent the whole day at the Library with my business partner, working our collection ideas and different concepts we could analyse and explore for our fashion show as well as designing for my AA2A exhibition in April. I'm really interested in decorative, simple yet sexy chic clothing. The challenge now is to create something that is avant garde, jaw-dropping, but then be able to transcend into more commercial markets.



Encouraging students on dotbiz

January 26, 2010 by AA2A Georgia Rodger   Comments (0)

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Hi AA2A Artists, 

A belated Happy New Year from the AA2A team!

Hopefully you’ll be back at your colleges now after the break and the snow.  Some fantastic blogs and image albums have gone up over Christmas and New Year - if you have a moment to catch up, check out what others have been up to. Two extremes of blogging we particularly enjoyed: Amelia Crouch’s in depth language research series and June Baker’s first time post hello, good to see new work and new faces.  

Now so many of you have work on site, broaden your audience and publicise it! In particular please do anything you can to direct students to this site. You could tell them about it face to face, or put up a notice with the AA2A.biz web address on it. Your Co-ordinator/Adminstrator or Department staff may have other suggestions for the best way to contact students.  If any students you’re in contact with would like a student profile on the site they’re welcome to email me at:  georgia@aa2a.biz  Also if you can encourage them to vote for their favourite artist there are possible benefits for you and the student… there is a link to voting on every artists profile page (on dotbiz and the main site aa2a.org)

More news from us: the main site is being re-designed, allowing for a wider layout all across the site and larger artists’ images on the home page!

A couple of reminders:

- if you join the main forum you can have group discussions about particular topics – there are already a couple started…. 

-  if you have problems using the site please drop us an email and we’ll do our best to help.

Best wishes,



Big Friday

January 22, 2010 by Andrew Dalton   Comments (0)

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Had a great day in the studio today. Really felt like I made some progress towards new work with a lot of potential. I continued with the vinyl lino cut outs and was alittle more considered with the inking etc and I think the results have a lot of scope and I can see a lot of new work coming form this process. I've been a bit tied up since October trying to get back into older ways of working, which hoever much I tried don't ring true for me now.

The immediacy of this process is very exciting! Gotta get some more ideas down for next week.