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No Meat on the Bones

March 4, 2010 by Aidan Moesby   Comments (0)

I am constantly frustrated by incomplete fonts. In this case no upper case W. I like this embossing due to the total lack of meat.

Meat on the Bones

March 4, 2010 by Aidan Moesby   Comments (0)

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I guess that's what this whole experience is about - putting meat on the bones. And i have. Not as much as i would have liked, but i have. I came across this unusual font - chisel - and i rather like it.


March 4, 2010 by Aidan Moesby   Comments (0)

I had been doing fine with the 1 colour screen printing process. I was confident enough to try more than one colour. I had been watching Lydia work very effectively on the screens in multi colours. It was inspiring. Like a one woman production line. No time to talk - screens to do - the ink dries - etc. Good on her for not being distracted and for being sooooo focussed. I could do well for a bit of focussing. 

Printing always takes longer than you think. Oh this'll just be a few minutes, i'll just knock this out...wrong. There's always drying, taping, filing, mixing, developing etc to do and each step takes its' own time. That's partly the charm of printing for me. I like that it's so hands on. So antiquated. it's the perfect antithesis for the digital age. Don't get me wrong i love my digital manipulations - but that's for it's own time and place.

Things i know i have to do are work faster before the ink thinks about drying. Get organised. And if i am screen printing then screen print and don't wander off to the letterpress.  One thing at a time. Enjoy and be IN the process. 

So i did all the registration stuff but what i didn't think about was i make all my paper random sizes so the registration doesn't really work, especially when i move the screens to and alter their positions for each separation. Doh!!!

Overall though, i am happy with the progress i made moving into multi colours. But it's still early early days

Call for AA2A student advisors!

March 3, 2010 by AA2A Georgia Rodger   Comments (0)

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Hi AA2A Artists,

We are looking for AA2A Student advisors, could you help?

We are looking for ten students from AA2A colleges/universities across the country, to become student advisors and help us spread the word about the scheme and increase the benefit to students.

If you're an AA2A artist, please mention this to students you're in contact with - it could be a great way to encourage people to follow your work on dotbiz too! We'd also welcome your feedback and ideas about ways to involve students - I've set up a new topic in the 'Main forum' on this site so you can add to the discussion here Go to the main forum AA2A

If you’re a student at an AA2A college reading this and would like to be considered for the role please answer the following questions in an email with ‘AA2A student advisor’ as the subject and send to : georgia@aa2a.biz

Please tell us: -  Where you're studying?  -  How you found out about AA2A?  -  Whether you'd like your own profile on the Dotbiz networking site? - Any ideas you have to help us spread the word to other students?  

This is a great opportunity to get involved with AA2A, meet local artists and would also look good on your CV. Advisors would be in contact with the national AA2A team giving us feedback and ideas about student involvement; it won’t be a big time commitment, simply responding to a few emails over the year and maybe a phone call to give us feedback about your experiences of AA2A.

For further info check out our student section on the main site  http://aa2a.org/students

Best wishes,


AA2A National Administrator


Bricks in an empty shop

February 24, 2010 by Christine Hurford   Comments (0)

If  you  get  the  chance  to  inhabit  an  empty  shop  it  is  worth  doing  it.  Through  Eden  Arts  who  paid,  I  had  a  shop  for  2  weeks.  It  was  cold  as  I  had  the  door  open  all  the  time  but  lots  of  people  came  in  especially  after  an  article  in  the  local  paper.  It  was  strange  to  work  there  as  so  much  of  what  I  do  is  hidden  and  only  comes  out  when  finished.

I  asked  visitors  for  their  positive  commments  about  Penrith  as  at  the  moment  the  council  are  involved  in  a  big  planning  crisis  which  has  left  an  empty  hole  and  bomb  site  in  the  centre  of  this  lovely  working   edge  of Lakeland  town.  I  put  thier  thoughts  on  to  bricks  I  made  in  the  shop  and  then  decayed  the  brick  on  the  other  side  as  a  warning  of  what  could  happen  if the  right  decisions  are  not  made.

It  was  an  odd  experience  to  be  in  a  shop  window  and  on show  the  whole  time.  Luckily  next  door  was  fellow  artist  Janis    working  with  glass  so  I  did  not feel  too  lonely!

Arcade  Arts  is  using  "my"  shop  and  others  from  6th  march  for  3  weeks  for  other  artists.  Work  will also  be  on  show  in  the  Lowther  arcade  in  Carlisle,  a  link  between  the  two  towns  in  Cumbria.  Lots  of  people  are  involved (see  exhibitions  on  this  website)

PS  I  think  my  10  minutes  on  Radio  Cumbria  went  OK,  no one  heard  it  ( not  that  I've  heard  so  that's  good!

Paintings on shelving units...

February 17, 2010 by Andy Parsons   Comments (0)

The process of making sculpture for this project has inspired another parallel body of work in 2d in my studio in Ireland. I have made a series of paintings on the white boards from the dismantled shelving units of the disused pharmacy where I did a residency in Sligo last year. They are quite crude and look like they have had a tough life. They also have a vaguely comedic feel to them - like the sculptures. I am interested in the way that people might at first laugh, and then be prompted to ask why they are laughing....

Slightly more satisfied

February 15, 2010 by Andi Chapple   Comments (0)

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Today I finished prints of the two designs I have been working on. I was a lot happier once they looked a bit more like something. The various experiments in colour scheme weren't too illuminating; overall I think I prefer them plainer, certainly I don't think the texturing I was getting on the foreground shape did much. I need to do some more really ...

6806 version 2

6904 version 2

Wax resist for screenprint

February 15, 2010 by Andi Chapple   Comments (0)

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Another quite frustrating session today - I am finding it hard to work towards a design I already have in mind because of my low level of skill and experience at this. It seemed easier and more fun just letting the images come out of playing with techniques.

Anyway ... today I was doing some second colours on backgrounds for the dry stone wall images. I wanted to put some texture in and I used something I did the last time I worked on this idea - doing a wax rubbing onto the silk screen from a load of string stuck to a piece of card. It gives a kind of ploughed field effect which is quite nice.

example of wax resist on screenprint screen

This is the sort of thing you get - I tried various methods of doing the rubbing, using harder and softer pressure, covering the string with stuff, and so on. Here is a selection of results:

printed backgrounds


February 15, 2010 by Helen Dearnley   Comments (0)

Since I last wrote, I've suffered a series of unfortunate events that have prevented me from getting much work done.

My father passed away suddenly in the early hours of 20th December 2009 and this came as a shock.

My thoughts have obviously been on that, and have been annoyingly distracted by another problem that arose, which I don't want to bring up here now, because fortunately it's now resolved, it's simply a problem that should never have occurred in the first place.

I'm now getting close to the Alice exhibition and haven't got any animation work done. So to say I'm frustrated by that would be putting it mildly. I haven't been able to make a start on it due to the animation dept having gone away on two trips, one after the other. All I need is to know what software will be best to make my animation in and a brief introduction possibly. 

I can do the rest once I know what I'm doing, but at this rate it'll never get done!

I have all the images finalised and some are here: http://helend-blackbird.blogspot.com/

(have I mentioned before how tedious the image uploader is on here?)

I've booked my son into Kids Club this week so that I can use the time, but I can't afford for that to be wasted now.

Premiere Vision

February 14, 2010 by Joyce Addai-Davis   Comments (0)

Hi All.

Tuesday I travelled to Paris for the Premiere Vision show (it is a hub for all creative designers worldwide to come together and source manufacturers for garment production, fabric weavers, yarns and colour trends for next seasons collections). I was there on business, I needed to find manufacturers and ideas for Jacquard; I even found the company that provided Chelsea's weave department with their Pointcarre TC-1 loom. Frank - one of the advisors, he was very nice and helpful, I asked him questions about Pointcarre and if they had any suggestions for my project.

The show was so gigantic that I and my business partner could not see everything in the three days we were in Paris. We said that in order to enjoy the show one really needs to know what their collection is about, ideas about fabrics, drapes, garment accessories etc. you just need to know what you want otherwise the show could lead you into confusion. We spoke to jacquard weavers, linen spinners, manufacturers in Romania and new technology fabric producers, every meeting gave us new ideas and made us realised we can create anything as long as we knew what we wanted.

The best part was getting a special creative pass, all thanks to Gill my old Premiere Vision boss with whom I worked for in July 2008 and left after having the opportunity to work in Thailand as a textile weaver 6 months, so coming back to the show as a guest and being able use the creative lounge and rub shoulders with creative designers within the fashion industry - was great honour.

Monday, I'm in the Jacquard room, so please if and when you see me don't hesitate and say hi or ask me a question, I'd be more than happy to help.

Love Joyce xxx