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The Last Post

May 5, 2010 by Andrew Dalton   Comments (0)

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I'm alittle bit late with the last blog post as i finished last friday, but its been a busy week and only just around to it today. As part of the AA2A we had to deliver a framed work for display at the Darlington Campus of Teeside Uni, and I thought that 'Bird Boy' would be the most appropriate work to represent the AA2A experience for me. Since xmas its been a very productive period for me and I feel that my work has moved on a long way since beginning the course in October.

I've been particularly keen on the figurative images that I've made and I feel they are a real advance in my work. The strangest development has been the emergence of the Bestiary images which emerged form the bird form that suggested itself when I was completing 'Bird Boy'. I've never had any desire to make animal images but these pieces just seem to have come in a rush and have left me with a lot to think about for the future.

My regret is that I didn't get to merge the animal and figurative images, but maybe this is what I take from the experience and develop in future. I had a lot of positive responses to the work and I'm currently looking for opportunities to exhibit in the near future. I've also got to think about making work now that I don't have access to the fantastic press and facilities at the Uni.

I'd like to thank Phil Gatenby and the staff at teeside Uni for offering us such an open-ended opportunity and hope that I keep in touch with my fellow AA2Aers - particularly Jean who was my workshop buddy and a real star. I didn't get to make conatct with the other AA2A artists and it was pity that we did see as much of them.

I'd completely recommend the experience to any artist looking for an opportunity to revitalise their work, but you have to commit to embracing the experience if you are to take something meaningful from it.

Thanks AA2A.

IMPORTANT: Continuing on AA2A.biz

May 4, 2010 by AA2A Georgia Rodger   Comments (0)

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Hi AA2A Artists,

Some of you may have been wondering whether you'll be able to continue using this site after you've finished your scheme. The plan is that you can continue to use Dotbiz, but only the new year's artists' mugshots, blogs and image albums will appear on the home page. That way, both you, your college and AA2A nationally will continue to have a record of your AA2A project and see what you're doing in the future if you continue to use the site. We also hope it'll help artists to keep in touch with each other, post AA2A.

Whilst we are hoping to be able to keep it open for you in this way - if we are not able to we will always give you at least a months notice before making changes either to your access or material on the site.

If for any reason you don't wish to continue to using the site please let us know so we can remove you from the site.

There have been some great blogs reflecting on the scheme this week (thanks to Andrew Dalton and Helen Dearnley)  Don't forget that your blogs and images albums from this site provide a fantastic record of your work on the scheme and can be printed off/or saved as a pdf and could be added to your promotional folder, or used in support of future applications for research/study/residencies...etc.    Also if you haven't used the site much/at all yet - I'd like to reassure you that it's not too late! Last year we had a brilliant series of catch up blogs produced in retrospect - and they were still valuable to the artists/students/colleges.

Lastly we're always keen to know your progress, so whether you let us know by using the exhibitions listings on this site and/or send us an email so we can update the AA2A.org exhibition list; please also make sure you update the links on your dotbiz profile - particularly if you have your own website or blog regularly on another site. 

Any questions feel free to send me a message through this site or email georgia@aa2a.biz

Best wishes,


Alice In Disneyland

May 3, 2010 by Helen Dearnley   Comments (1)

Since I last wrote, the animation has really come together, and I now have a finished piece of work to exhibit as part of Alice In Disneyland at Lincoln Central Library from 4th - 7th May 2010. Private View 5.00 - 7.00p.m.

Lincoln Artist's Network had a small exhibition with three artists at The Terrace from 7th - 21st April, as a prelude, and it went very well. Images and feedback are here: http://sites.google.com/site/lincolnartistnetwork/projects

The exhibition at the library will be the main exhibition.

I do wish to extend my time on AA2A, because I spent most of it grieving for my father and not enough time creating work. And I have another animation that I now wish to create.

A-ha.com have a competition to submit videos, I'm keen to exhibit art in existing and appropriate contexts, and I feel a piece of animation based on Take On Me would be excellent exhibited at one of their gigs in front of an existing audience of fans. 

This may also be exhibited as part of an installation at a gallery in Nottingham in November. I have contacted one, they said they were very interested, but so far no reply to confirm. 

If anyone here has a gallery space available in Nottingham for November (around the time of Saturday 20th onwards), please get in touch, as I wish to exhibit work there in time for the East Midlands leg of A-ha's final tour.

On the Home Straight

April 23, 2010 by Andrew Dalton   Comments (0)


Only two weeks left! can't believe that Its nearly over. I've got five more images to do to complete the Random Bestiary. I was trying to finish another large figurative piece but I just don't think there'll be time.

We had a round up of the AA2A experience with Phil Gatenby, course leader, and my fellow intern Jean. For us its been a very positive experience and access to the resource of the print studio has been a life saver for me. Its revitalised my approach to my art. I've begun a webiste/blog for the ongoing work that will come from this experience www.andrew-dalton.com . So all in all, great - just don't want it to end.

Anyway I tyhink I'll refelect on the experience in a final blog entry in a couple of weeks.

Two more creatures to come.

VOTING! and Image album: refresher

April 21, 2010 by AA2A Georgia Rodger   Comments (0)

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Hi AA2A artists,

I hope all is going well as you near the end of your schemes!  In your remaining time please encourage students to vote for their favourite AA2A artists - voting usually closes in May and this year student voting has been particularly low so students who vote stand a really good chance of winning.  Direct them either to this site where they will find a 'Vote for this Artist' link on every artist's profiles page, or to http://aa2a.org/artistvote 

We'll be in touch soon with info about updating your profile page on the main website (www.aa2a.org) and we are also putting together the evaluation which you'll be completing online at the end of the scheme. 


As you may want to post image albums showing progress and final work we thought you might find a refresher on how to do this useful.  See below for how to create an image album, make changes to an existing album, add images into blogs and troubleshooting right at the end.  Please get in touch if you are having problems and nothing in the blog has helped, either send me a message or email   georgia@aa2a.biz


Create an image album

1. Select ‘Create new album’ from side menu:

2.  ‘Add image album’, enter a Title, Description and Tags.  You can also edit ‘access’ – to control who can see the album.

3.  ‘Save’ and you’ve now created the folder that the images will go in.

4.  Add images to album, ‘browse’ and select the images you want  (must be under 1mb and a .jpg .png .gif) select the image/s ‘upload’ and when you’ve finished - ‘save’

5.  Edit image properties - add individual title, caption, tags - Also you need to make one image the image album cover, finally ‘save’


To make changes to an existing album

1. Go to 'Your image albums'

2. click on the album

3.  You can then choose to ‘add images to album’, ‘edit album’ or ‘delete album’


Also some of you have asked about how to put images in blogs:

To do this you need an have a URL for image (this could be from another website if you have one or flickr, or similar site) or You can do it using an image in an image album on dotbiz.

As this is quite a complicated way to get round it if you have more than one image to put up I'd advise you to create an image album.  You can include text in an image album too and it would also mean you had an image shown on the front of the site in latest activity (rather than just the blog title)

But if you do want to do it - here's how:

1. On dotbiz - image saved in an album (which you can save as private, if you want to use it purely to get a URL)

2. Image size under 1mb and saved as 'filename.jpg'

3. open the album selected the image and right clicked on it to 'copy image location' 

4. In 'write a blog post' click on picture symbol (tree), paste to enter the URL into 'Image URL' the dimensions should come up automatically, 

5. 'insert'



- album appears with ‘no images’ message although when you click on it the images are there – it says 'no images' because there's no image selected for the image album cover - to change this:

1.Go to 'Your image albums'

2. click on the album

3. click on the image you want as the image album cover

4. 'Edit image' on the left hand side menu

5. select 'Make image album cover?'  and finally 'save'

To make sure it doesn't happen next time you are creating a new album or adding images to an existing album:

After you have gone through the file upload (where you browse and choose the images you want) 

'Edit image properties'

'Make image album cover?' 

By default the first image will be selected as the cover - leave it checked if you are happy with this -  If you want to change it select one of the other images but make sure you have an image selected.

- Images are not shown in the order I put them in

This is an issue with the software that powers the site – our web manager is aware of it but there isn’t a fix for it yet.  You may also notice that sometimes tags are shown in an unexpected order.  We hope that this won’t be a problem for you, let us know if you notice anything strange – either send me a message or email georgia@aa2a.biz

Hope this helps,



Blog Highlights!

April 12, 2010 by AA2A Georgia Rodger   Comments (0)

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Hi AA2A Artists,

We're still welcoming comments on the 'Students and AA2A.biz' discussion in the main forum - do have a look and join in! As you might have noticed if you've read any of my other blogs, we're very keen on student involvement.... so my blog this week is highlights from your blogs that particularly relate to student interaction. Thank you to the artist's I've quoted - I hope that reading them others might feel inspired to share your experiences/thoughts on AA2A and the benefits for students in AA2A colleges.

"Alongside the work itself I have been able to meet with MA students and discuss a range of issues surrounding fine art and current practice which is in itself a positive aspect of this scheme. I have also worked at the University with students from the academy where I teach and was able to instruct them in some of the techniques that I have developed and now feel more confident with."
January 8, 2010 by Annette Pugh

"I'm getting to know some of the first year BA students as well and Its interesting watching them take their first steps in printing."
November 15, 2009 by David Henckel

"After a tour and induction I spent the afternoon in the print room, working alongside printmaking staff and a few new MA students, who were creating an etching as part of their induction. When they heard about the AA2A scheme and the Arts Council, some international students said they thought artists in the UK seemed to have more opportunities and support here than in other European countries!"
November 9, 2009 by Caroline Underwood

"Spent some time in the photography dept yesterday, and met some of the students. An ex-student was giving a demonstration about using 5 x 4 cameras so I joined that, which was good."
November 5, 2009 by Kay Goodridge

"Met with the other artists today and had a tour of the college facilities and staff. Some students were hanging around and it was great to meet some of them too.
To discuss art! This is something I always didn’t do whilst in college, in pubs or in any situation. I’m not sure why this is? Maybe I needed a break from thinking about it. Maybe others didnt find it interesting. Does anyone ever talk about art?

Anyway, Im looking forward to finding out if this new generation of art students talk about art, and to find out what they know, and perhaps, for me, to remember what I know too."
November 7, 2009 by David Symons

Best wishes,

The Automatic Teller

April 5, 2010 by Kathryn Cooper   Comments (0)

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Hello, i'm a late comer to AA2A. Sean at Derby University kindly let me jump on the scheme last minute so I can make a wooden automatic teller in their wood workshops!

It is a wooden version of a cash machine type of thing I made out of cardboard for several performances in Leeds and Nottingham.

Woodworking is so different to working with cardboard and tape - it's a lot less immediate which I am finding a challenge. I'm used to rustling up a structure in an afternoon. This is taking a lot longer.

It is going to be portable and hopefully have moving internal parts - gears and things.

I'm trying to challenge my normal way of working. My reasons for using cardboard and tape are that they are easily available, lo-fi and immediate. It has a bit of a sci-fi and post apocalyptic look about it. I was concerned though that I might be using it in some situations because it is easiest for me rather than what the idea/piece calls for. So making this wooden contraption will hopefully exercise those demons a little bit - and expand my palette.

I learnt last week how to use the laser cutting machine - which is really brilliant. I'm not quite sure what to use it for yet. You can draw with the laser on to wood so this might be a good idea for the numbers on the automatic tellers face. Although I'm trying to stick with things looking very handmade. So everything might end up carved. I'm using a really softwood for the face that's really enjoyable and easy to carve.


A Random Bestiary

March 26, 2010 by Andrew Dalton   Comments (0)


Carried on with the animal images this week, really getting up a head of steam and finished three new images - frog, newt abd dragonfly. I'm getting the idea together to create as eries of around ten random and apprently unrelated animals to form a sort of bestiary. The longer term idea is to combine the animals and the figures in some kind of composition, but while I'm letting that idea compost in my sketchbook I thought i'd produce a set of animal images. In some part of my mind they represent differing emotional states but I don't want to be too prescriptive about what they mean. I'll let the shrink do the interpretation.


March 25, 2010 by Ian Penna   Comments (0)

After all my playing, things are starting to come together!


Photographs, Documentation

March 24, 2010 by Aidan Moesby   Comments (0)

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Yesterday I went to the photography dept. at the main campus - Brampton Road. I got all the stuff i have produced - or selected bits - photographed. It is so good to have a professional photographer in a studio document your work. Good documentation is invaluable. You need it for alsorts of stuff. I get the disc in a couple of weeks. Can't wait. Then i hear tell of an exhibition. Great too.  It's not until i get the opportunity, or make the time cos i have to, to look at the work. The process of reflecting and editing, that's really valuable - the way you look at your own work. And then i realised how much stuff i have actually made. How i have experimented. And how grateful in the light of this that i have an extension. Over the easter hols i can reflect some more and see how i want to take this forward.