Staff at host HEIs should login to our dedicated Coordinators area to download non-publicly available documents. The username is aa2a - contact us if you need the new password

Artists access agreement (login)  -   contract between artist and college

Details of operation  -   how an AA2A scheme works in an HEI

Coordinator's timeplanner  -   monthly summary of what needs doing

Roles of AA2A staff  -   outlining the key tasks of an AA2A 'Coordinator' and 'Administrator'

AA2A contact details  -   who's who at AA2A and website info

Using AA2A Engage and map (login)  -   details of 200+ ex-AA2A Artists helping us support employability

Summary of employability resources (login)  -   overview of AA2A’s employability resources

Index of videos (login)  -   download the pdf containing our full video index

Digital 'Making it out there' pack (login)  -   find and download the pdf for your institution

Advertising copy  -  basic text about AA2A

AA2A promotion  -  4 min video promoting AA2A

AA2A Student Rep promotional text -  to adapt and send to your students 

Application pack advice for staff -   what goes in a pack and how to adapt it

Text for your email (login)  -   when sending out your application pack

Artists' application form (login)  -   a Word version of the form

Equipment list  -   a sample list as a prompt to help you produce your own list

Information for artists (login)  -   about AA2A schemes generally and details of your scheme

International enquiries  (login)  -   text for responding to enquiries from artists living abroad

The selection process -  main reference document for selection

Letter to selection panel (login)  -  invitation to help select artists  

Diversity policy - for reference and use during selection

Artists invite to'interview' (login)  -  invitation to discuss proposals 'in person' or online

Unsuccessful artist's letter (login)

Formal offer letter (login)  -  formal offer of a place and Support Fund information

Info for finance/accounts dept (login)  -  key info for purchasing

Memo to head of dept (login)  -  providing Head with artists names etc

Memo organising access or 'swipe' cards (login)  -  explaining access needed by artists

Memo to library (login)  -  explaining library lending access needed for artists

Memo to staff (login)  -  describing AA2A to staff and technicians

Access monitoring sheet  -   sheet for logging artists hours used

Summary of Artists Evaluations 2021-22 (login)  -  breakdown by institution and national statistics

Artists' plaudits from 2021-22 (login)  -  what AA2A Artists said about their schemes

AA2A External Evaluation, 2019 (login)  -  by Sheila McGregor

Part 1 2021-22 evaluation form questions (login - no longer accepting responses)

Part 2 2021-22 evaluation form questions (login - no longer accepting responses)

AA2A logo   -   colour version

AA2A logo (transparent)

AA2A image   -   square, showing artist and student working

ACE funding logo   -   Arts Council England funders logo

Engage Artists Studio visit  -   email template for inviting an AA2A engage artist to visit