AA2A Champions

We are delighted to have the organisations listed below as our Disability and Cultural Diversity Champions. They promote AA2A to their membership and wider listings to ensure that our opportunities are available to everyone and reflect the widest community possible. They advise us and are able to give us feedback to help fine tune our policies and practice. We want to thank all our Champions for helping us in our aim to be fully inclusive.

The Art House www.the-arthouse.org.uk

Based in Wakefield, The Art House works with both disabled and non-disabled visual artists, in the development of their professional practice and the realisation their creative ambitions. This work is as varied as the artists' ambitions. It includes mentoring, coaching, residencies, information, exhibition and teaching opportunities.

Shape www.shapearts.org.uk

Based in London, Shape's vision is 'to see disabled people participate fully in the arts and cultural sector. To provide skills, opportunities and support for disabled artists, individuals and cultural organisations; and help build a more inclusive cultural sector'.

Flow Observatorium (FlOb) @observatoriumf

FlOb is a national hub and centre of excellence for neurodivergent artists, supporting them to engage within the cultural sector. It helps address and campaign for the recognition of neurodivergence as a distinct diversity category and for parity and fair play in the various arenas in which artists work.

DASH www.dasharts.org

DASH is a Disability-led visual arts organisation, based in Shropshire and working nationally and internationally. They work in partnership with arts organisations across the UK to create new art and opportunities, commissioning new work and developing new audiences. They provide mentoring for disabled artists and training for galleries and arts organisations.

Accentuate www.accentuateuk.org

Accentuate is a programme which operates as part of Screen South, a cultural development agency based in Folkestone. Accentuate is an incubator for ideas as well as a producer and commissioner of projects which challenge perceptions of disability within society. They also provide practical training and guidance. Accentuate has been funded by Legacy Trust UK, creating a lasting impact from London 2012 and inspiring creativity across the UK.

NBAA (National Black Arts Alliance) www.blackartists.org.uk

Based in the North West of England, NBAA works across art forms to create productions that challenge perceptions of Black culture and that celebrate the many dimensions of Black heritages. They employ the arts as a learning vehicle to assist disadvantaged and disenfranchised individuals. They offer a wide range of education and community workshops, training events and conferences dealing with issues around leadership and empowerment.