Self-employment talks for students and graduates

As well as the 60-90 minute online introductory talk on self-employment, students and graduates from host institutions have access to three 45 min supporting videos (with subtitles) on self-employment. Each of these are delivered by AA2A's National Director, Wendy Mason, informed by her 30 years' experience of being self-employed. Our digital package also includes employability themed talks from our Creatives and AA2A's digital pack 'Making if out there'

These videos allow for a more flexible delivery of information, particularly after graduation. One of our previous AA2A Creatives who is now a lecturer said...
"What empowering videos. They're clear, slowly paced and explain basic terms such as sole trader and freelance. I think many of my students have real anxieties around the idea of graduating and not having a steady income. Graduates often don’t quite understand how to make it happen for themselves. These videos will really help with that"

Portfolio Careers, self-employment and benefits

  • Definitions of self-employment, other legal structures
  • Managing self-employment and employment
  • Benefits available to the self-employed

Support organisations and premises

  • Insurance, copyright, rates of pay
  • Web presences, networking, business support schemes
  • Premises, Business rates and working from home

Registration, tax, NI and keeping records

  • Registering as self-employed and the legal requirements
  • Tax, Personal allowances, NI and pensions
  • Keeping records, dealing with HMRC and paying tax

Terms and conditions
   These videos are only available as part of a package purchased from AA2A
   They can be accessed from any password protected area of the host institution's VLE
   Videos are protected by Copyright and a licence agreement outlining permitted use