Employability themed videos for students

Five pre-recorded video talks (with optional subtitles) tailored for creative students and graduates from AA2A host Unis and Colleges. Each 45 minute video features an AA2A artist or designer-maker talking about their post graduation experiences, with supporting information provided through information screens, website listings, etc. These supplement our three videos on self-employment

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Overview of themed talks

Managing a portfolio career - Pamela Schilderman, Laura Plant and Tod Jones (now available)

  • Pamela is a visual artist, who graduated from Goldsmiths College with a BA in 2004, Laura is a ceramicist, who graduated from Staffordshire University with an MA in 2018, and Tod is a visual artist, who graduated from Wolverhampton University with an MA in 2018. Our three self-employed creatives talk about balancing part-time work with developing their own practice, setting up as self-employed and managing their finances. They also reflect on the need for resilience.

Social media and web presence - Anisha Parmar (now available)

  • Anisha is a jeweller with her own brand, which she set up as Limited Company. After a degree courses at Loughborough University in Multimedia textiles, she went on to do an MA in Fashion Artefact at London College of Fashion. She talks about her brand, the value of promotion through social media and websites as well as selling online. She also reflects on the importance of her heritage as an influence in her work.

Galleries and agents - Dean Melbourne (now available)

  • Dean is a self-employed painter and printmaker who also works mentoring artists. He studied Fine art at Wolverhampton University graduating in 2009. He talks about the successes he's had in exhibiting and selling his work, as well as his own and fellow artists' experiences of working with galleries and using agents. We'll talk about approaching galleries, using contracts, promoting your work and how to avoid some of the pitfalls of exhibiting.

Projects and funding - Lizzy Jordan (now available)

  • Lizzy is a self-employed fine artist currently working with kinetic light installations and photography. She studied Fine art at Edinburgh University and graduated in 2010. She talks about her socially engaged practise, her first projects and applications for funding and how she built her confidence to run bigger projects and set up a social enterprise company.

Copyright and licensing - Celia Smith, Trina Dalziel and Mike Chavez-Dawson (now available)

  • Celia is a sculptor who graduated from Wimbledon School of Arts in 1996, Trina is an Illustrator who graduated from Maidstone College of art in 1990, and Mike is an interdisciplinary artist who graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University in 1999. Joined by Reema Selhi from DACS legal team, they discuss negotiating contracts, how to make money by licensing the reproduction of your work, professional membership organisations and Collecting Societies, as well as where to get help and more information.

Terms and conditions
   These videos are only available as part of a package purchased from AA2A
   They can be accessed from any password protected area of the host institution's VLE
   Videos are protected by a Copyright and a licence agreement outlining permitted use