Artists Quotes 2014-2017

The following comments are taken from Artists' evaluation forms between 2014 and 2018

"This scheme is a life-line to artists."

Tony Knox   University of Central Lancashire

"It has been life changing and revolutionary. I feel quite bereft at the thought of it ending. The college was very accommodating and helpful and the technicians were wonderful. I could not have made my PhD application without access to such a wonderful library."

Sophie Cullinan    Anglia Ruskin University

"I loved the AA2A programme and the opportunity it gave me to further my career with the support of the University, but with absolute freedom, and I wish the scheme could have lasted longer to continue building on more opportunities!"

Francesca Moore   University of Derby

"AA2A gave me the platform I needed to start to develop new work and the confidence to apply for exhibitions and residencies."

Rachel Laycock    University of Sunderland

"AA2A was a wonderful opportunity as an artist in terms of participating in a residency programme and accessing art facilities that are hard to use as an independent artist in London. Furthermore, I led two workshops with BA students which helps my career as a tutor and had a chance to show my work which I made in relation to my time at the Uni."

Sun Ju Lee    University of Bedfordshire

"Access to the facilities, the staff, the technicians and the students gave me renewed confidence, a focus and a means to move forward, which I wouldn't have had otherwise. "

Lisa Creagh    City College Brighton and Hove

"The scheme gave me a creative freedom that at the same time provided workable deadlines that I kept myself to. This creating a motivated atmosphere to work in. Being in contact with other artists was also very good."

Matthew Bailey Liverpool Hope University

"Having the access to the excellent glass facilities, with excellent support, and some financial support as well, has enabled me to undertake an exciting project which would otherwise not have been possible for me."

Eleanor Havsteen-Franklin    University of Hertfordshire

"Access to the ceramic workshop facilities has been incredibly productive and immensely enjoyable. Its opened up a whole new area of experimentation in my practice which wouldn't have happened without my participation in the scheme."

Clare Thornton   Plymouth University

"AA2A gave me the time, space and support to create a new body of work, with access to the excellent workshops and technicians."

David Gasi    Sheffield Hallam University

"The best thing was having the chance to work independently and the '1 on 1' time spent with students"

Robert Hardaker    De Montfort University