Artists Quotes 2014-2018

The following comments are taken from Artists' evaluation forms between 2014 and 2021

"This scheme is a life-line to artists."

Tony Knox   University of Central Lancashire

"It has been life changing and revolutionary. I feel quite bereft at the thought of it ending. The college was very accommodating and helpful and the technicians were wonderful. I could not have made my PhD application without access to such a wonderful library."

Sophie Cullinan    Anglia Ruskin University

"I loved the AA2A programme and the opportunity it gave me to further my career with the support of the University, but with absolute freedom, and I wish the scheme could have lasted longer to continue building on more opportunities!"

Francesca Moore   University of Derby

"AA2A gave me the platform I needed to start to develop new work and the confidence to apply for exhibitions and residencies."

Rachel Laycock    University of Sunderland

"AA2A was a wonderful opportunity as an artist in terms of participating in a residency programme and accessing art facilities that are hard to use as an independent artist in London. Furthermore, I led two workshops with BA students which helps my career as a tutor and had a chance to show my work which I made in relation to my time at the Uni."

Sun Ju Lee    University of Bedfordshire

"These kinds of opportunities are so important for artists, to have dedicated time, access to facilities for trying out new things and meeting new people."

Unattributed   Buckinghamshire New University

"The best thing about AA2A was having the freedom to decide which direction I wanted my project to go. It's provided that extra talking point on my CV for future employers."

Lewis Jarram   University of Staffordshire

"The best thing about AA2A has been being in an institution with all the facilities and surrounded by creative professionals. Having access to lectures and being able to take professional photos of my work has been invaluable."

Sam Snowdon   York St John University

"The flexibility of the AA2A project allowed me to find access days that suited me to fit around my life, meaning I could continue my practice and work it around my job and teacher training."

Rhiannon Kendall   Loughborough University

"I'd like to point out how important AA2A is to artists with caring responsibilities."

Lauren Lawton   University of Staffordshire

"I am ever grateful for my AA2A placement, it has completely opened the art door for me after graduating in the pandemic. So many incredible opportunities have come from it…Thanks for your support!"

Alice Walter   University of Wolverhampton