Frequently asked questions

Q. Is there a grant for artists?
A. We expect to be able to provide expenses of up to £350 for artists on benefits associated with low income. This is to help with the costs of childcare, travel and materials. Applications from artists on income below £12,000 but not in receipt of benefits can also apply but only for a maximum of £250. Artists with costs associated with disability can fill in the same application form but are not limited to £350

Q. Where can I get an application form ?
A. You can now download application packs for all the AA2A schemes using the links on each host's webpage. You do not have to open a Dropbox account as you can dowload the documents through your browser. You can also contact the Uni directly. Packs should be ready in early Aug but you can always start to plan your application using the info on the How to Apply webpage

Q. When are the deadlines for applications ?
A. They vary between Colleges but no deadlines are earlier than September. As soon as they are available you will see the deadlines on each College's individual webpage. Occasionally deadlines are extended, particularly if application numbers are low. You can be alerted to these extensions if you follow us on Twitter and Facebook

Q. Can I apply if I haven't got a degree or even been to college ?
A. Yes. AA2A is aimed at all artists who want to make art their career, even if its not earning them much money. A number of our artists don't have any formal qualifications in Art or Design. If you're in doubt about what sort of work gets accepted, have a look at the variety of work artists are making on our website

Q. What are my chances of being accepted ?
A. Overall there are about three applications per place, but in some areas, such as larger cities, this is higher and in other areas they accept most applications they receive

Q. Can I apply to more than one College or University ?
A. Yes. You can apply to several institutions, although you will need to declare which you would prefer as your 1st, 2nd choice etc on your application forms. Although the timescales for the application processes of different institutions run roughly parallel to each other, you may find that you are asked to accept an offer at one institution before having heard back from another

Q. Can Artists from abroad apply?
A. Although Artists from outside England are not specifically excluded from applying, AA2A has been set up to suit artists living near the college they are applying to. Also, there is no money or help available for travel from abroad, Visas, accommodation or living costs, making it impractical for most artists from abroad to apply

Q. Is AA2A a course and will I receive a qualification for taking part?
A. No. The scheme is for professional artists to develop their work not for students as there is no teaching or training provided

Q. I have a disability - is there a financial help ?
A. If you have financial needs directly as a result of your disability, AA2A has a small budget which can be used to help with some of the additional costs associated your placement. We would suggest that applicants first ask the institution what practical help they can offer and then apply to us using the online Support Fund form. If applying for costs associated with a disability there is not a maximum claim. In the past we have paid for a support worker for an artist with cerebral palsy, a communicator for a deaf artist, taxis for a wheelchair user etc.

Q. Who do I contact to find out if the facilities are accessible ?
A. First ask the College by email or phone. You will probably be put through to an appropriate member of staff or a technician, or you may be routed through to dedicated 'Access' staff (if they have them). If you can't get an answer from the College, contact the AA2A national team and we will try and find out for you

Q. Does AA2A really want disabled artists ?
A. We have a good record of attracting artists with disabilities, with an average of 13% accepted onto the schemes over the last few years. This is both because of our real desire to promote artists with a variety of backgrounds and because AA2A schemes are flexible enough to accommodate artists' differing needs. AA2A never 'labels' artists as disabled but aims to promote the excellent work produced by the wide variety of artists we support. You can read artists' stories (including many from disabled artists) in AA2A's digital publication 'Time and Space'

Q. Can I apply to any institution or does it have to be one near me ?
A. Yes. You can apply to any institution although travel and accommodation are obviously a consideration. If you cannot afford the travel you can apply for help towards these costs from the Artists Support Fund if you are on benefits associated with low income or earn less than £12,000

Q. When can I use my hours and can I use them in blocks ?
A. Artists are offered at least 100 hours access between October and April/May/June. Many institutions will allow you to use more than this, and many offer extensions beyond their finish date. In the application form you can propose to use the hours in blocks or spread across the period. Your final access arrangements will depend on what the institution can offer and whether this suits you, so if you can be flexible it may help your application