Engage FAQs

Info for artists interested in hosting AA2A Engage student visits and online sessions:


Q. I live 38 miles from the nearest current AA2A institution, can I still get involved?
A. Yes. If you are prepared to travel into town, as long as your student visit will take place near the host institution e.g. meeting students at a gallery or arts centre. Alternatively you can propose an online session, to be delivered remotely from your studio or home.

Q. How much will I get paid if I host a visit?
A. In 2019-20, we aim to pay at least £100 for hosting an actual visit and £50 for a virtual session (we will pay for one visit per year for each host uni on our Enhanced Employability Package, or until our budget runs out!). 

Q. How will my proposals for student visits be seen?
A. We'll put your proposals on an online AA2A Engage Map which staff and Student Reps will have access to.

Q. How will Host institutions contact me?
A. If a university wants to take up an artists proposal, they'll contact you. It could even be an AA2A Student Rep, as we are encouraging them to get more involved.

Q. If I host a student visit, would I be paid a fee and expenses?
A. Although AA2A will pay a modest fee, we would normally expect institutions to cover any direct expenses, such as travel, providing it's been agreed in advance with them.

Q. Can I host more than one paid session?
A. It's unlikely, as we'd like to fund as many artists as possible to host visits.

Q. When will I be paid?
A. We will be making payments directly into artists' bank accounts within a month of the visit.

Q. The college where I did AA2A is no longer on the scheme, can I still offer to host a student visit?
A. Yes, as long as the student visit you offer is no more than 5 miles away from one of the current AA2A institutions, or you're offering an online session.

Q. I have an exhibition coming up at a local gallery, can I host a student visit there?
A. Yes, although, when you're writing your proposal for the Googlemap, we'd ask you to keep it more general i.e. avoid dates and specifc exhibition titles, because we don't want it to go out of date.