'AA2A Engage' - our membership group

'AA2A Engage' is an active membership group of around 180 previous AA2A artists who are prepared to act as role models for students, providing insights into professional life as an artist or designer-maker and into the creative community outside universities and colleges.

Engage artists not only help us develop our policies, but offer to host informal student visits outside universities and colleges. In 2019-20 this will include some paid opportunities for artists, who might offer the following...

  • A studio visit - show a small group of students round a studio or visit a local group studio
  • Visit a private view, exhibition or 'Open studios' event - introducing students to different events
  • Introduction to self-employment - artists talking to students about being self-employed
FAQS for artists

Info for AA2A host institutions

AA2A Engage is an employability resource for current hosts on our Enhanced Employability Package. We provide them with a Googlemap showing which AA2A Engage artists are local to them and linking to their AA2A webpages. The map can be found in the 'Key Documents' folder, in the Coordinators login area of this website.

What our artists say...

"I think the AA2A Engage membership is a great idea and a really positive way to contribute to the ongoing success of AA2A as opposed to a financial or commission based contribution." Helen Snell, Plymouth College of Art, 2009-10.