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Zoe Harper

Project summary:

The majority of my work has been based around simple shapes - especially circles - in a design aspect. The primary inspiration for this is my fascination in the way that some billboards and fly posters show multiple layers of colours and textures which have built up over time. Examples of these are seen widely within the urban landscape. Focusing closely on this layering, I took detailed photographs to illustrate the interaction of the colours and textures. The simplicity of the pixelation in the images worked their way into my own style of work.

The artist in residence scheme was a perfect opportunity for me to experiment with an idea which I've been developing for a while - combining the great scale of a city skyline with the microscopic scale of billboard pixelation and texture.

I produced abstract pieces of simple print as (quite literally) my building blocks. Then, by using these prints and a collage of imagery collected from my travels, to embellish and distort the final pieces, giving depth to the pictures.


Title unknown, photo the artist.