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Yason Banal

Project summary:

For the residency, I aim to create a project that would weave history, myth, biography and religion in order to fabricate an awkward legend inspired by the serial killer-cum- performance con artist Andrew Cunanan, famously known for murdering fashion superstar Gianni Versace. Entitled 'The Legend of St. Andy Q. St. , ' this project pushes further my interest in desire, identity and fantasy as well as death, pornography and love. I hope to create an off-balanced narrative with images, objects and actions that are suggestive and enigmatic, not authentic and cathartic. Language is idiosyncratic and eccentric and movement chameleonlike between different media ? from drawing, text and sculpture through photography, video and performance, fusing them all in an awkward installation that creates the illusion of a parallel but hazy world.


Legend of Andy Q (untitled 1) by Yason Banal. Photo the artist.

Photo on canvas, 594x420 mm