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Xiaoxiao Sun

Project summary:

I am from Beijing and now working in London as a visual artist and freelancer filmmaker. I am an award-winning visual artist of Monterey International Film Festival, Sony China National Film Award, DongSeo Korea International Film Festival, Cotswold Film Video Festival, CON-CAN International Movie Festival etc, a selected artist for Professional Artist Development Scheme in the UK and selected filmmaker for One World Broadcasting Trust (OWBT). 

Now I work as a video producer for WildAid and direct the largest Anglo-Chinese international film festival - Filming East Festival in the UK.

I want to undertake a Digital Visual Arts project. My idea is to transfer the basic Chinese philosophy of ‘Five Traditional Chinese Mysterious Elements: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth’ into a general wise thought that can be understood by westerners, even by the school children through a digital visual method. It will be difficult and I do need help from scholars for the academic aspect.

As a Chinese freelance artist based in London, the environment is less of resource and facilities. The support of the AA2A scheme would be essential to my next project. An art college environment of creative enquiry and energy is important to me. I need concentrated time to focus my ideas and communicate with other artists and art students. Working alongside and gaining an insight into the work of the students would be inspiring for an artist from a non UK background.

'100 Flowers Hidden Deep'
Stills from the film projects