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Tony Deeming

Project summary:

Using printing facilities at the University of Derby I have re-interpretated various aspects of my work in other media using photopolymer non-etch print methods. I am concerned with mark making and how different media create widely different marks: fluid and sometimes poorly controlled marks with watercolour and ink, grainy dryness with charcoal or pastel, sharp scratch-like marks with pen and ink, creamy or impasto marks with oil paint. The nature of these marks depends strongly upon the medium but also on the pressure and speed of the arm in producing them. Often the marks can display the intentions of the artist even more than the subject matter. However, the problem in reproducing these marks in print is the disconnection between the action of the artist and the resulting mark.

In this work I use photopolymer film laminated on to zinc, the original artwork being transferred to the plate which may then be printed essentially like an etched plate. Although the metal of the plate is not etched, the intaglio print is derived from the incised polymer film. I have used various representational and abstract images but a theme has been landscape (trees, water, reflections, etc). I have avoided detailed treatment, preferring a loose spontaneous, even casual or sloppy, approach so that the print has as much as possible in common with a rapidly conceived and produced sketch. My wish was to produce prints that convey as strongly as possible my spontaneous response to visual stimulations.

My experience at the University of Derby has enabled me to move forward with confidence and with clear objectives. I am setting up my own print studio to develop this initial work.

non-etch photopolymer print - 30 x 24 cm