Previous AA2A Artist

Tom Leathley

Project summary:

The opportunity offered to me by the AA2A scheme allowed me to explore the possibilities of digital imaging to develop my work. In particular the use of macro photography to enhance my interest in organic forms. My work contains several strands. Firstly, the issue of mental health, in particular arising form the stress of everyday circumstances. I also wanted to satirise the funeral process and the professional sentiments that are involved. While considering how to address these topics I was working with some children in a drawing workshop using insects. I was surprised to hear the children's comments that they had never seen a dead creature up close. This seemed an appropriate analogy for the the issue of mental illness. Very often these are hidden illnesses that nobody likes to admit to or bring self-blame. Lastly I wished to use the opportunity to reveal the beauty of these creatures.


Moth by Tom Leathley. Photo the artist.

Digital print